Message by Larry Thacker Jr. for January 15: Eternal Perspective

When we’re going through trials, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the now.  It’s so hard to see how some things can ever be worked out for our good like the Bible says.  How is it supposed to … Continue reading

Message by Larry Thacker Jr. for December 18: What Will You Do with the Message?

God chose humble shepherds, some of the lowest people of that society, to share the message that the savior had come. Now admittedly, the presentation was hard to deny. Not everyone gets serenaded by a choir of angels when God … Continue reading

Message by Pastor David Whitmore for December 11: Sharing the Christmas Story

Pastor David urges us to slow down, appreciate the wonder of what Jesus did, and share the Christmas story through word and action.

Message for December 12 by Pastor David Whitmore: Hope Through the Tough Times

“This week I want to begin the Christmas story in Luke the 1st chapter vs 26-38.  This is the time an Angel comes to Mary and tells her she will give birth to the baby Jesus even though she had … Continue reading