Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of January 12

Linda rejoices in making a connection with an old friend of her late father.  It’s great to have Tim and Cindy well and back with us.  Tim rejoices that he felt well enough to be here and to drive the bus.  Pam praises the Lord that her health is improving.  Jana and Arthur rejoice in their newly official marriage.  The license came in the mail.  Anita is getting a little better.  She is actually still in ICU but no longer critical.

Kelly asks prayer for herself and her sister.  Edith asks for prayer.  Lupe has the flu.  Keep praying for Kingston.  Keep praying for Jerry Gibson.  Pam prays for guidance and for Sandy’s daughter Heather.  Pray for the situation at the nursing home where the flu is rampant.  Anette had to be taken to the hospital again this week.  Pray for her and for Kay.  I think I missed a couple.  Chime in and add more if you wish.


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