Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of March 6

Praise the Lord with us for all of the good things He has done.  Pray with us over these requests.

Shelly rejoices that Clark came through his surgery well.  She thanks the Lord that she got treatment and is walking better and that she got her job back.  Kelly says she got moved to a better room and that she was able to stand and step with her left leg.  Richard F rejoices in having past his 65th birthday.  Debra had her last treatment and rejoices to be feeling good today.  Ruth’s sister is getting better and is able to stay at home now with some assistance.  Shelly is thankful for all the help she has received and all that she is learning from the church and particularly from Brenda and Don.  The Terrells are feeling better and back with us today.  Cathy is thankful that her son-in-law David came through a surgery with complications and is now recovering.  She asks that we keep him in prayer.  Pastor says that Edith is not going to need surgery after her fall but will be out for some time in recovery.  Dede is recovered from the fall she had here a few weeks ago when she hurt her knee.

Kelly prays to keep improving.  Shelly wants us to keep praying for her friend.  Also pray for Dede’s living situation.  Shelly also asks prayer for Clark as he has opportunity to get involved in a veterans group.  Barbara prays that Richard can keep his job for long enough to retain needed benefits.  Kim is having more problems with her foot and has had to make repeated trips to the hospital over the past few days, including today.  Linda asks that we keep praying for her friend Anngela suffering a major exacerbation of MS symptoms causing periods of near total paralysis.  Brenda asks that we pray for a family with several adopted children and are having trouble with one in particular who has behavioral problems severe enough that she is confined.  Pray for Allie and her parents Mike and Christie.  Cindy asks us to keep praying for Rachel.

Always remember, God may use you to answer prayer!  Listen for that voice.  Be blessed to be a blessing this week!

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