Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of May 4

Lupe is feeling much better after the trouble with her foot.  Anita thanks the Lord that she keeps getting better and quit smoking.  Richard is glad to be here and we’re glad to have him back again for a second time.

Keep praying for the Tolley’s new little one who was born prematurely.  Pray for Kelly.   Pray for Lupe’s son, Jesus, who has to work nights and it’s hard on him and his family.  Don’s coworker Mark will have the tumor removed this Thursday. Pastor David asks that we pray for God’s guidance as we work on getting a new sign.  Pray for Ruth’s Sister Mary Ellen.  She has to wait six months for another biopsy to check on the cancer.  Keep praying for Benny as he still doesn’t have the health answers he needs.  Anita prays for her aunt who is caring for her.  Pray also for Anita.  Her illness affected her kidneys.  Pray for Brenda’s friend Ti who lost a son. Keep praying for Kim as she goes to more physicians to help with her pain.  Pray for Priscilla and the rest of the family as well.  Pray for Richard and the difficulty with noisy upstairs neighbors.


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