Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of November 13

Rejoice with us and pray with us.
We are delighted to have Lupe and Clarke with us today.  Tim feels blessed to have a message for us today.  Linda rejoices to have her sister coming for Thanksgiving.  Kim thanks the Lord that she has been able to sleep and for a new great nephew.  Brenda thanks the Lord for His blessings.  John is glad to be back.  Lupe is glad to be feeling better and thanks the Lord for His blessings.  Cindy is thankful to get to spend time with her family over the holiday.
Pray for Rita who isn’t able to sleep because of her roommate.  Pray for the roommate as well.  Pray for Ruth’s health.  Anita is better but still needs prayer as she recovers.  She has doctor appointments this week.  Pray for Glenn, Priscilla’s father, as he is struggling with his illness and the loss of his wife.  Pray for Priscilla’s sister Jo and family as they care for him.  Pray for Priscilla also.  Pray for Shelly.  Pray for Ckarke’s health.  Didi prays for a new place to live.  Cindy prays for strength as they finish work on their house.  Keep praying for Don’s health.
Be blessed to be a blessing this week.

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