Sunday November 6, 2016 "Are you asking honest questions?"

We celebrated Pastor Appreciation month last Sunday and boy did we did celebrate. We had dinner after the service and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.  I would like to think all those that helped prepare the meal and clean up afterwards.  Larry and I really appreciated all the nice things you said about us and we are honored to be your pastors.  Linda shared with us a disturbing video last week about a survey taken to euthanize older people. It was amazing how many people did not listen or worse yet did not care about what they are getting behind.  She brought a lesson on how we need to change the way we think and brought several scriptures showing how important our mind is.  Larry brought a message on the history of Halloween and how we do not want to honor the things of Satan but need to have a good time being a follower of Christ and use those things of evil the world has for us and make something that would be pleasing to God.

This week as I was thinking about what Linda said last week, I wondered do we listen to the questions asked of us and are we asking honest questions ourselves.  In Luke the 10Th chapter vs 25-37 an attorney comes to ask Jesus a question.  The problem is it was not an honest question it was a question trying to make Jesus incriminate himself to the Jewish people listing. Do you find yourself asking questions that have an alternative motive?  Are you really listing to what people are asking of you?  We need to be honest with our questions because asking honest questions is a valuable tool to learn something you do not know. Dishonest questions are of no value because you are trying to gain attention for yourself or you are trying to embarrass someone else.  Both of which are against what God plans for you.  My prayer for us this week, as we talk about the questions we ask, is that we leave with a new respect for what we need to learn and how much Love we can share with each other.  Both of these are found in this passage we will read Sunday.

Invite someone to come with you on Sunday and let’s kick off the month of November with a bang.  I pray that you will have a great week and that God will give you many opportunities to do something good for someone this week, like the Good Samaritan we will read about on Sunday.

We love you so much,
Pastor David & Pris


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