Sunday October 20th, 2013 "Faith that just won't quit"

I really enjoyed being in Church last week.  It was great to see you there as well.  As the weather changes and we get closer and closer to the Holiday season, I hope you will include Christ in your plans.  We talked about being grateful last week both in my message and in Priss’s Sunday school lesson.  I hope you are looking at the blessings in your life each day and stopping to give God thanks for his mercy, grace and provision.  We will never be able to thank him enough but we should sure try.

This week we are going to stay in Luke this week in chapter 18 vs 1-8.  Jesus wants us to show that our faith should never quit! He tells the story of the widow who wore know the corrupted judge because she would not give up.  Have you ever finally succeeded at something after you have been trying to accomplish this for a long long time?  You had failed so many times but finally you are successful.  What a great feeling that is.  But in more times than not have we just given up when it looked like we could never win?  That is a terrible feeling, a feeling of failure a feeling of unworthiness a feeling of  being no good.  God does not want you to feel that way. He wants you to succeed in all things but it will take courage, pertinence and above all Faith.  Faith is what will keep us going when it seems hopeless; Faith will keep us going when there seems no way out. It is Faith in God that keeps us going despite our failures and obstacles. I hope you will be in church with us this week as we talk about a Faith that will not quit!!

I am so excited about the weeks ahead but don’t overlook today to look to tomorrow.  God has something very special for you TODAY, claim it believe it receive it. Remember those who are sick and hurting and pray for them daily. Remember our prayers for thanks are not just for the dinner table but all day long. Invite someone to come with you to church this week and lets do good things in God’s name.  We will see you on Sunday!

We love you so much,
Pastor David and Pris


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