Sunday October 22, 2017 "Why we need to be giving back to God"

Last Sunday was a hectic day as the lift on our Bus did not work but once we got to church we were ministered to by Linda & Larry. They brought us a inspiring message on how we are to keep working and pushing forward in our service to the Lord.  I hope you that were there, enjoyed the messages as much as I did, if you were not there you can listen to both on the podcast.

This week I want to speak to you about why we should be giving back to God.  We know that the government requires us to pay our taxes and has made rules to enforce this payment, but that is not the case when it comes to God.  God does not demand our support he gives us guidelines as to what we need to do and reasons why we should but he does not force us to give back to him.  God always wants our support to be voluntary and with a glad heart. The scripture verses this week are in Matthew the 22ND Chapter vs 15-22. In these verses the Pharisees are trying to discredit Jesus either with the Roman government or his followers.  They ask him does he believe that taxes should be paid to Caesar?  It looked like they had trapped Jesus, but Jesus saw what they were doing and said to them to give to Caesar what is Caesar and to what is God’s to God.  What is due to God? There are many reasons we need to be giving back to God.  I want to talk about these reasons and actually what is it we should be giving.  Please join us this Sunday as we share with one another why and what we need to be giving to God.

We hope you are having a great week and hope you are praying for those we mentioned in our prayer request last week.  We did speak to Anita this week and she is feeling much better, likewise Lisa says Jane has improved as well.  Keep praying for those that God brings to your mind each day and always pray for BBT.  Do good things this week and we hope to see you on Sunday!

We Love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris


Message by Larry Thacker Jr. for October 15: Working God’s Way

Whether you have a job or not, God has a job for you and there is something in this message for you. “Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.” (Col. 3:17)

Sunday School by Linda Thacker for October 15: Launching a Legacy

Linda delivers a heartfelt call to repentance, evangelism and a life of no compromise so that there will be generations to follow our lead.

Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of October 15

Rejoice with us and pray with us.

We rejoice that Linda is back.  We’re thankful that Brenda O is ok after being hit by a car in her chair.  Kim thanks the Lord that she continues to improve.  Pam is thakful for God’s protection when she was out late waiting for a bus.  Priscilla is thankful that God had her in the right place and time to help when the bus broke down last week.  Kelly is now living in a place in Duncanville.

Keep praying for Didi.  She still needs a home.  The Terrell  children and Jane are all out with strepthroat.  Anita is still having trouble breathing.  Barbara asks prayer as they grieve the loss of their friend.  They are looking int a new home.  Priscilla’s niece Jennifer is facing undetermined medical issues and will have testing this week.  Brenda asks prayer for someone else with medical issues that I missed.  Pam is still trying to get her new special shoes.

Be blessed this week and be a blessing!


Message for October 15: Working God’s Way

Blessings to you, family and friends of BBT.  Here’s your update for this week.

It is always a joy to meet together with the People of God, worshiping Him and learning together.  Though we were missing some of our beloved family, we rejoice that others were able to come back again this week.  Priscilla taught us not to fear but to keep our trust in the Lord.  Pastor david spoke about how we  should respond to the evil in the world around us like the shooting that happend the week before.

Next week, I want to talk about working God’s way.  I know a lot of us aren’t working.  Some of us aren’t fully able.  Others have put in their time and now get to enjoy the benefit of their labor. 

So why would I go there?  Well, because God did, and He wouldn’t let me go anywhere else.  I hope you’ll come and join us, because I think you might be surprised and encouraged by the message.  The best way to summarize it would be from Colossians 3:17.

I’m delighted to know we’re taking our committment to each other to heart.  Linda has been blessed by the calls and messages from all of you.  I know the same is true for others. Let’s keep it up and invite more to come and join the family.  See you there!


Message by Pastor David Whitmore for October 8: Why Do We Even try?

This week I talk about the terrible occurrence that happened in Las Vegas last Sunday night.. It is hard for us to understand why these things keep happening.. Once again we ask God why you allow this kind of thing to happen, so many killed so many injured? It just doesn’t make sense.. The scripture verse this week is John 16:33.. I talk about what we can do when we are faced with these terrible acts of violence and bad news.

(Created from the pastor’s introduction)

Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of October 8

Rejoice with us and pray with us.
Ruth praises the Lord that she is able to be back today and feeling better.  We had a great time at the fair on Wednesday.  Didi is thankful for the people letting her stay with them.  John got new clothes.  Kimi was able to do som workout this week and that gives her hope for recovery.  Cathy and Ruth enjoyed celebrating with Jerry for his 50th anniversary.  Brenda got extra work yesterday.  She enjoyed spending time with her daughter on Friday.  Edith praises the Lord that she found something to help her sleep.  Lisa received unexpected extra food.
Anita was in the hospital this weekend with trouble breathing.  Pray for Linda.  Jane will have some medical testing done tomorrow.  Keep praying for Didi.  Kim prays for the peace of the Lord to relieve anxiety.  Richard asks prayer for a friend named Marilyn who lost a son last week.  Richard and Barbara have found another home that they like better and it’s closer.  Pray that the Lord’s will be done.  Pray also for their friend Annalisa who is struglling with a difficult pregnancy.  Priscilla asks that we pray for a little girl named Dallas.  I didn’t get the details.  Thank the Lord for His blessings and be one this week.

Sunday October 8, 2017 " Why do we even try? "

What a great time we had at the State Fair yesterday.  There were several people that did not get to go this year but the ones that did had a great time.  The weather was a little hot but it did not rain and it did not seem as crowded as years in the past.  I want to thank all the people from T. L. Thompson who came and help.

Last Sunday Linda brought the Sunday School lesson entitled keep on whacking. She had a video of a man who had learned he had cancer and was determined to make the most of his life.  She explained that we can’t give up till Jesus calls us home.  We want to be sure we have done everything we could have done for the Kingdom of God when that time comes.  I brought a message on how important it is to keep our promises not  just to each other but the promises we make to God.  I talked about leaving a legacy for the people we leave behind.  We want them to say we tried to always do what was right.

This week I want to talk about the terrible occurrence that happened in Las Vegas last Sunday night.  It is hard for to understand why these things keep happening.  Once again we ask God why you allow this kind of thing to happen, so many killed so many injured? It just doesn’t make sense.  The scripture verse this week is John 16:33. I want to talk about what we can do when we are faced with these terrible acts of violence and bad news.  It is almost like we just throw up hands and give up. Like Linda taught last Sunday that is not the answer.  We keep working trying to make a difference. We may not have all the answers and may not understand why these things happen but we trust God because he is in charge and he can change things if we as his people cry out to him and are willing to walk by faith not by sight.  I hope you will join us on Sunday as we talk about what we can do when we face things we just don’t understand.

As I said last week we have promised to pray for those mentioned in our prayer request. Please keep that promise and try and reach out to someone that may need your help.  You could make a difference in someone’s life simply by listing to them and praying for them.  Invite someone to come with you on Sunday we will be looking for you!

We love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris


Additional Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of October 1

Pray for Anita as she could not come yesterday due to more trouble with her legs.  Brenda requested as follows:

Pray for Danna. she’s a middle school teacher in Plano. She’s been having issues that the doctors have not figured out. this last Monday, she passed out. She does remember hearing someone say they didn’t have a pulse and to give her a shot of something. It brought her back. The praise is she was back teaching the next day. Another prayer for the family is their oldest son has had epilepsy since he was little and is still having small and large seizures.