Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of May 21

Rejoice with us and pray with us.
Ruth enjoyed getting to have her sister with her last week.  Priscilla’s parents’ house is now under contract.  Priscilla also thanks Kim and Edward for helping out on the bus.  Kelly got a new phone.  Heads up everyone!  đź™‚ We’re thankful for the rain.
Keep praying for Edith.  Her test results were inconclusive.  There appear to be multiple medical issues.  Kim is having trouble with her stomach.  Keep praying for Kelly.  Galen was not feeling well and didn’t come.  Priscilla is fighting a cough.  Didi asks prayer for her eyes and finances.  Keep praying for Shelly.
Be an answer to prayer this week!

Message for May 21: How to Have a Happy Heart

Blessings to you, family and friends of BBT.  I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day last Sunday and got to bless your moms. We had a good service.  Priscilla led us in a time of prayer and healing for people who had unresolved issues relating to their mothers.  Pastor David covered my favorite subject as he talked about love.  I thought the Sunday school time might bless someone if I posted it, but in keeping with our desire to maintain privacy regarding anything that someone might not want to share with the whole world, I held back.  If you were involved and don’t mind it being shared let me know and I will post the podcast

I bet Linda is rolling her eyes at my topic for this week.  I don’t think I’m an unhappy person, but happy has never been my word and probably isn’t the way others would describe me.  So you might say this message is for me too.  maybe we can learn together.

In the New American Standard Bible, Proverbs 15:15 says, “All the days of the afflicted are bad, but a cheerful heart has a continual feast.”  Depending on how we read that, it might be kind of depressing, especially if we think of ourselves as afflicted.  But maybe how we think is the point.  Regardless of our circumstances, joy comes from the heart.  Your version might even seem to say something totally different.  We find that more frequently in Proverbs than other places.  There are reasons for that, but what’s really important is the basic truth behind the text.  That doesn’t change.  Let’s dig a little deeper here and see what we find.  I’ll be happy to see you on Sunday!


Message by Pastor David Whitmore for May 14: What Does a Mother’s Love Look Like?

This week is Mother’s day and I want to bring a message on Love.  The scripture verse this week is John 15: 9-17.  I think when you read these verses you will understand what real love is all about.

(excerpted from the pastor’s introduction)

Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of May 14

Happy Mothers’ Day!  Rejoice with us and pray with us.
Cindy rejoices that Tim is on his way to getting new teeth.  Cathy got a card from her brother.  Ruth and the rest of us praise God that her sister Mary Ellen is here today.  Kim enjoyed spending time with her sister and nephews.  Priscilla is thankful for good results from the doctor.  Kelly is getting stronger.  Didi thanks the Lord for His provision.
Edith is awaiting decisions from her doctor.  She is home resting today.  Keep praying for Debra.  Lupe has been sick.  Pray for wisdom for Galen and for Kelly.  Tim is still hurting from the dental work.  Keep praying for Kim’s health.  Brenda’s neighbor had surgery on her knee.  Cathy lost a cousin this week.  Keep praying for Shelly.  Pam is still waiting for her special shoes.  Keep praying for Rachel.
Be blessed to be a blessing this week!

sunday May 14, 2017 "What does a Mothers love look like?"

It was great to be in the house of the Lord again last week. We got to know more about our member of the month Mrs. Fox.  Priscilla brought the Sunday School on how important it is for us not to just be nice but we need to be kind as well.  I got to speak on even though we go through hard times and natural disasters, God is still in control.  I hope you received something by attending service last week.

This week is Mother’s day and I want to bring a message on Love.  The scripture verse this week is John 15: 9-17.  I think when you read these verses you will understand what real love is all about. You will see Love is required from Christians and is sacrificial. Love is so important.  I hope you will make plans to celebrate Mother’s day with us on Sunday.

Everyone made a promise last week to pray for Edith and for Don & Brenda Potts this week, I hope you are keeping your promise. There are many others that need our prayers and I hope you will be willing to pray for those that need your prayers.  You can help so much by just remembering to lift each other up and don’t forget to praise God for his many blessings.  Hope you have a blessed week and hope to see you on Sunday as we honor our Mothers!

We love you so much,
Pastor David & Pris


Message by Pastor David Whitmore for May 7: Ok God What is Going ON?

We have suffered through many natural disasters over the last few years. I read from Romans 8: 18-27. There are many questions that arise when we see disasters that we label as “Acts of God” that do so much harm.  There is so much we do not understand about the ways of God but there are reasons for the things that happen. I hope we see by the end of this lesson that God is still in control.

(Excerpted from the pastor’s intro)

Honored Member Feature: Edith Fox

Pastor David interviews this month’s honored member.

I apologize for the audio quality.  I did all I could to enhance it so that you can hear her answers.  This one is special.  It illustrates why we do what we do.

Sunday School by Priscilla Whitmore for May 7

Priscilla speaks on kindness with her trademark illustrations.

If you were there, fear not.  The recording stops when she goes from “preachin’ to meddlin’.”

Lest I be misunderstood, she follows the lead of the Holy Spirit and the results are always good.

Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of May 7

Rejoice with us and pray with us.
The Whitmore’s son-in-law John is back home.  Kelly got a letter from Shelly.  Brenda got to see her newest grandson.  Ruth is thankful that Cathy is there for her and for the church praying for her.  She enjoyed getting to see her sister.  Pastor David enjoyed time with Ruth and thanks her for the cake she sent.  Anita looks forward to getting therapy so that she can walk again.  I’m thankful for a relaxing weekend and time to get something done that has been on hold for several months.
Edith is due to undergo more testing and may have to have exploratory surgery.  There is concern over cancer.  Kim is struggling with fatigue and pain.  Keep praying for Didi.  Pray for the Terrells.  We have no details.  Keep praying for Anita.  Keep praying for Debra.
Be a blessing this week!