Sunday, April 12, 2015 "Obedience is the key"

We had a great week at BBT last week celebrating Easter with our family.  If you were not with us last week I hope you were able to be in God�s house somewhere. Easter is such a meaningful time to be together and I loved to hear what Easter meant to all of you.  I would like to think Diana Stephens for the wonderful Easter bags given to every adult and I would like to thank Ruth and Cathy for the Easter eggs for the kids.  It was too muddy for Easter egg hunt but they got their eggs anyway.

This week I want to share with you the example that Jesus gave about being obedient.  That is something we all struggle with at some time, but it never was a problem with Jesus. Jesus understood the relationship he had with God and obedience is a major part of it.  God wants us to humble ourselves before him. Obedience is not something that comes naturally to us, especially in this culture.  The world tells us to stand up and claim what is yours; it says if you submit you lose. That is not how God sees it.  We are going to look in the scripture versus this Week, Philippians 2: 5-11.  This is scripture that shows how we are to follow Christ lead in obedience.  I hope you will be with us this week, as we start right at 2:30.  We will also elect a new member into our ring of honor this week.  Larry and Linda did a great job putting up the frames last week and we will fill another frame this week.

Thanks for all your support in this ministry each week and I hope you know how much you mean to us.  It was nice to have Shelly and Clark with us last week but Shelly is still very sick.  She is trying to get into the doctor this week so pray she can get some relief .  Pris went to the eye doctor this week and she is bleeding behind her right eye and she will need surgery to repair this before she loses sight in that eye. Please be praying for her. Ruth’s Sister sliced her thumb this week also and may need surgery on that as well.  If you have any prayer request please contact me or Larry and we will make sure we get it on the prayer chain.  Keep doing good things for people and we can’t wait to see you on Sunday.

We love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris

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