Sunday April 5, 2015 "Out of the Darkness"

We really did enjoy our visit to Richardson East Baptist church last week.  They were very kind to invite us and share their worship service with us.  After the service we came back to BBT and enjoyed lunch and a Movie.  I am not sure watching a movie after lunch on a Sunday afternoon was such a good idea.  I saw a lot of sleepy folks in that auditorium last week.

This week is Easter.  If you are a born again Christian this is the most important holiday of the year.  Think about it, where would we be today without Easter?  I am going to read the story about the Disciples and Mary finding the tomb empty in John 20Th chapter vs 1-10.  We are also going to look at the events leading up to this so read this week chapters 19 and 20.  I have been asking you for 2 weeks what Easter means to you. I hope some of you will be able to share with us in the service.  We are going to see what it meant for the disciples back then.  Isn’t it amazing how Jesus told them over and over he would rise up but at that moment the followers of Christ believed someone had stolen his body? We have the benefit of looking back 2000 years and seeing this miracle unfold but they were in the moment they were upset and afraid.  I dare say Jesus has promised you something, and we know he keeps his promises but you have forgotten his promise and you are feeling alone upset and afraid despite his promise.  I hope you will join us Sunday as we celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.  This would be a great time to invite someone with you as well.

I am excited about this week and I hope you are also.  We did not have a time last week for prayer request but if you need something please call me and let me pray with you.  Keep doing good things for other people and praise God you have the chance to be his vessel!

We love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris

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