Sunday August 13, 2017 "What does it mean to fear God"

We had a great day last Sunday at BBT.   We had a good group and I really enjoyed the service.  Priscilla brought a Sunday School lesson about finding favor with God and what that meant.  I got to bring a message on the miracle of Jesus feeding the 5000 and how he showed us it is important to bring to him what we have and he will make it more than enough.  It was nice to see Ruth in church after our scare from last week when she passed out.  Ruth will tell you it will take more than that for her miss church.  It was also nice to have Kim back after getting her cast off last week.  She still can’t put all her weight on it but she is getting better.

I want to talk to you this week about fear.  When we watch the news now it is very scary to see what is going on between us and North Korea.  We had better pay attention to this war of words because it could very easily become more than just talk.  We also see all the violence around us and that scares us as well.  We know the Bible tells us not to fear but it is easier said than done.  Some people just stick their head in the sand and ignore things but those that are aware know how dangerous things have become.  Look how we live now. Look at all the things we are afraid of, what can we do?  I want to talk this week about when we fear God we are actually set free from our fears.  I am going to be in Psalms 25 and I am going to read all 22 verses.  This is a prayer from the writer for deliverance and forgiveness and it is as relevant today as it was back then, and it talks about having the fear of God. I hope we can see when we have this necessary fear of the God how he sets us free of all unnecessary fear that keeps us afraid to live.  I hope you will be with us on Sunday as we try to understand what it means to fear God.

I have not heard from Kelly this week so I assume she is still in Parkland.  Please pray that some good decisions are made on her behalf and they can find a good place for Kelly to go.  Please remember all the prayer request made last week and I hope you are having a blessed week.  Know this you are loved and you may not always feel it but you are just a step away from being blessed from the King of Kings.  Hold on, be faithful and watch him work in your life.  Do something good for somebody while you are waiting.  Invite someone to come with you on Sunday and we will see you there!!

We love you so much,
Pastor David & Pris



Sunday August 13, 2017 "What does it mean to fear God" — 2 Comments

  1. hi david and pricilla, it’s Diane mrs katie climers granddaughter..haven’t seen yall since 2001 when she passed….I have,a 7 yr old granddaughter named after my grandmother. KATIE…We adopted our 3 grandchildren..what hours are church on Sunday afternoon? I want to bring my gbabies there…

    • Hi. I’m Larry, and I Manage the web site and serve as associate pastor here as of 2010. We are meeting at 2:30 and there are usually a few children attending now. We do have a Sunday School class for them. I should note that the Homecoming service is coming up on September 10 and if you chose that day to come the service would be at 10:00 and I’d hate for you to miss out on the service and the good food that follows. My wife Linda and I are relative newcomers compared to most of the congregation, but we love the church and know that God brought us here. I look forward to meeting you.

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