Sunday August 24, 2014 "What are you worring about?"

Last Sunday was an ugly day outside but there was praising in God’s house.  We had a good group considering the weather.  Bad weather can really effect our members as there are many in electric wheel chairs and many are on walkers or canes so rain can really effect our members but it was good to see so many brave the rain and make it out.

Linda brought a lesson on Hope.  In light of the death of Robin Williams last week she wanted us to see what is different about us as Christians.  We looked at several verses in Psalms and other books in the bible that we can go to when we are at our ropes end. It showed us we have a purpose and a reason for living.  God wants to use us for the advancement of his kingdom.

Larry brought an inspiring message on how God can use anyone to get his message out.  So often we look at the messenger and do not get the message.  Larry showed how God used a Woman to get his message out even though women were not often heard from in those days.  Today there are so many women who hear and preach God’s message it is not uncommon to see a woman delivering God’s word but I do not believe that was the case 2000 years ago.  Where would our church be today without the women God has placed in our membership? I dare say Bartimaeus Baptist Temple probably would not still be in this ministry.  God has a purpose and a plan for each and every one of us whether we are women or man, young or old, no matter our skin color no matter our social status God wants to use you.  I hope you listen to this message if you were not in church last week on our pod cast on this website.

This week I want stick with this idea of having Hope even when no one around us seems to.  I went to the scriptures in Matthew the 6Th chapter where Jesus talks about worry. It is in verses 25- 34.  I have preached about worry many times but I want us to hear this again.  How much time do we waste with worrying about things we can’t do anything about anyway? There are things we can do to improve ourselves but think about how much time we worry about the things we have done in the past.  We can not move forward because we are so guilty for what we have done.  In 2 weeks one of the testimonies that we will hear is from Clarke.  He made many mistakes in his pass and he is ashamed of the things he has done but you will hear him tell you how God has forgiven him and set him on a new path, a path of righteousness! We need to understand that we are not who the world says we are we are who God says we are.  I hope you will be in church this week as we see where our hope comes from!!

This Saturday we will be showing the film “God is not dead” at church.  This is a message that we need to see and hear.  We will start showing the movie in the sanctuary around 1 pm then we will go to the fellowship for sandwiches and chips as we talk about what we just saw and heard.  This is something new for us as a church but I hope we will have more Christian movies shown in the church on a regular basis.

Please pray for those that need our prayers that were mentioned in our prayer request last week.  I have good news for you Jerry is out of the hospital and back home at Brentwood.  He hopes to be back with us on Sunday.  I hope you will make plans to join us Saturday for the movie and Sunday for our worship starting at 2:30 pm.  Remember what Larry told you last week, God wants to use you, let him.

We love you so much,
Pastor David & Pris

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