Sunday August 28th, 2016 "Mercy over Rules"

We really had a great day in service last week.  Our numbers were down but the spirit was moving.  Linda led us in Sunday School and talked about not falling down but falling up.  She says even after we are Christian we will still stumble but God is ready to help us up, as she explained through scripture that we have solders and chariots of fire ready for our rescue.  Larry told us the story of Ruth and Naomi and Boaz.  He showed us all the good choices they made through this ordeal.  He showed us how God blessed all of them.  God is wanting to bless us and he will reward us for the good choices we make.  But he does not give up on us when we make bad choices, as Larry said God is about Mercy.

This week I want to continue with that thought about God’s mercy.  The scripture verse this week is Luke 13: 10-17. This is the story of Jesus in the synagogue and he sees a woman that is almost bent in half. She had been that way for many years. Jesus calls her over and heals her if this terrible affliction, what does the synagogue leader do? He chastises Jesus for healing her on Sunday.  So many times we are so obsessed with the rules that we lose our compassion for one another.  God gave us rules and rules are important but God wants us to be moved by mercy and compassion more than following the rules.  Larry talked about how we need to make good choices last week, Did Jesus make the right choice to break the rules but show compassion on woman who needed help, you bet he did because he is God and God is about mercy.  It is important to follow rules and be obedient but never at the cost of forsaking MERCY.  I hope you will be with us on Sunday as we look at examples of God’s mercy.

I hope you are having a good week and making yourself available to be used by God.  Please continue to pray for this ministry and those who are part of it.  I am excited to see you Sunday and I hope you are excited to have the chance to be part of the worship service.  We may not have a big choir that sings like angels you certainly don’t have pastor’s that have all the answers but you will be accepted and loved by a great group of people who really care about you and love you.  Invite someone to come with you on Sunday and show someone Mercy this week. They may not understand it but they will be grateful for it!!

We love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris


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