Sunday December 27th, 2015 "Tim brings a year end message"

What a great Sunday we had last week! Larry and Linda had the service.  Linda showed us it is ok to re-gift Grace, in fact it is required.  The scriptures say to whom much is given much will be required.  I fell like we all have been given so much we need to be thankful and be willing to share.  Larry showed us it is O.K. when people say “Happy Holidays” because what that are really saying is Happy Holy Day.  They may not mean it that way but we can sure receive it that way.  I hope you enjoyed listing to them as much as I did!  It  was a great way to welcome in Christmas.

This Sunday Tim and a friend and co-worker will be bringing the last sermon of the year.  I am excited to hear them and get to share this last Sunday of the year with my church family.  I hope you will be with us and invite someone to join us as we celebrate the upcoming New Year together.

I am really excited about 2016. I believe God wants to do great things, things we could not even imagine, this year but it will be up to us to hear his voice and obey his commands.  When we fall short it is not because God did not have great things for us, it is us not being available to carry them out.  My prayer and New Year resolution for this new year is that we will be a vessel to do Gods works.  We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and do something good for someone after all it is Christmas and there are more people that need you then ever before.

We Love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris

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