Sunday December 6, 2015 " You do matter"

We enjoyed last weekend but we did miss being in church with you. We can’t wait to be back this week.  I want to thank Larry and Linda and Don and Brenda for filling in for us.  I hope you had a Great Thanksgiving!

I cannot believe this year is almost gone.  The older you get you learn to appreciate whatever time we have left.  This week I want to look at the upcoming Christmas season.  Do you ever feel like Christmas is for those who have money and status and you are just not that important.  I want to look at the first invited guest to see baby Jesus.  I think it is important to see who the shepherds were that were invited that first Christmas.  I don’t think we understand how little regard people held for these men.  God had a different view of them.  Read Luke 2: vs 8-20 as we look at the calling of the shepherds to the manger.  I hope you will join us Sunday as we begin the celebration of the birth of Christ.

I was glad to see that Lupe was feeling good enough last week to be back at church.  We have been praying for her for several weeks.  I read the prayer request and we are praying for those listed.  I hope you will be with us this week and I hope you are making plans to make this Christmas all about the gift of Christ.  Go share whatever you have with those who are in need and pray for those who are struggling.  We need to be so grateful that we have lived another year and hopeful made many good choices along the way.  God bless you and we will see you on Sunday.

We love you so much,
Pastor David & Pris

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