Sunday February 1, 2015

What a special day we had at church last week.  I was so thankful for all the prayers for me as I was struggling thru this dry time.  I thank God for being in a place that we all can be ministered too. Pris brought a lesson on the good Samaritan showing how important it is to be wiling to do whatever is necessary to help someone. My message was how it matters to God why we are being obedient.  I hope you got as much out of these lessons as I did!

This week I am going to talk about temptation and how we should look at it. Why are we tempted and why is it important to overcome the temptations in our life.  This is not going to be a blame session but hopefully we will see the example Christ gave us for overcoming temptation.  Our scripture verse is in Matthew the 4Th chapter verses 1-11. Perhaps the temptation was necessary for Jesus to be more like us.  We all have temptations and we all have given in to temptation but we do not have to. Jesus gave us a clear case where if you resist the devil he will flee.  I hope you will be with us Sunday as we start off the month of February praising and worshiping our maker.

Thanks for all your prayers for Kim this week she is doing better and hopefully will be back in church this week. I hope you have prayed for the prayer request given last week.  Keep doing the good things God is allowing you to do and never overlook the small blessing along the way.  Be safe and joyful and we will see you on Sunday!

We Love you so much,

Pastor David and Pris

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