We had another great service last Sunday at BBT. There were many out sick but the few that were there blessed me.  Linda taught Sunday School, as Pris was out sick, and she reminded us sometimes God answers our prayers by saying no.  We want everything we ask from God and we want it right now not realizing what we are asking for is not part of God’s plan.  Every time we pray we should be asking for God’s will to be done.  It was a great lesson and I hope you will listen to it if you were not there Sunday.  I brought a message on how Jesus wants to encourage us as he sees us as the light of the world.  With that acclamation goes some responsibilities on our part.  I have not been the light I need to be but I am convinced I will be because he is in me. Shannon brought her fiancée Jay with her on Sunday and it was nice to see Sandra Hart again.  We made Jerry Treis our new member of the month for February.

This week has been a hectic week and it is only Wednesday!  Seems like there is so much anger in this country right now.  I myself have found myself angry this week when I felt like I was disrespected at work.  The more I thought about it the madder I got till I said something I should not have said.  I was wanted to talk this week about being angry.  Jesus has a whole lot to say about his including in the Sermon on the Mont.  Our scripture verses this week are in Matthew 5: 21-26.  Jesus is speaking about our selfish anger not righteous indignation.  It is not wrong to get angry, God was angry many times as well as Jesus when he was on earth, but our anger should be godly anger, anger that motivates us to overcome injustice and extend mercy.  Selfish is anger is always about us and what has been done to us and usually the last thing we are looking for is to show mercy.  It is impossible to extend mercy and forgiveness if we have this selfish anger.  I hope you will join us on Sunday as we try to learn to overcome our anger.

Thanks for your prayers for Pris and Kim this week, they are feeling better. Thank you Ruth for the terrific chicken soup you made, I ate it even though I was not sick. Please be praying for those mentioned in our prayer request on Sunday and especially remember Dee Dee as she is trying to find a new place to live this week.  Have a great week and don’t be anger like I was but forgive those that are hurting you.  Do good things and we will see you on Sunday!

We love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris


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