Sunday February 28 2016 "A gospel for loser's"

It really was good to have been in the house of the Lord last week at BBT.  Craig led us during the Sunday School time and shared with us on how we can share Christ with anyone at any time. He handed out tracks to help us know what to say and gave us scripture verses to share with the people we meet.  I have gone through this program before and I have seen what a difference it can make in a person’s life, both the person who receives the message and the one that share’s it.  Larry shared his message about the kind of love Jesus demonstrated to us and how we were to share this same love to other people.  Larry showed us that loving others and loving Christ is how others will know we are his disciples.  It was a great lesson by both of these Godly men.

This week was a crazy week for this city.  Four men who are running for Dallas County Commissioner were on a Christian radio station to debate each other when two of these men got into an argument and it escalated into a fight and terrible language was heard by the listeners.  It was a horrible example of anger and lack of self-control these two men displayed to the whole city.  Afterwards they both apologized for their actions and one of the men Dwayne Caraway said he felt like such a loser after it was aired on every news station in the area.  Have you ever done something that after it was over you felt like such a loser?  If you are human I know you have unless you are perhaps Donald Trump who seems not to have never made a mistake in his life.  Most of us know what it is like to feel ashamed.  I have good news for you today.  God has a Gospel for loser’s.  I am going to share that with you on Sunday.  We will be reading about a man who felt like a loser and tried to run from God.  We will be in the book of Jonah chapter 3 verses 1-10.  There are many examples of men & women in the scripture who fell short of  God’s expectations but I want you to notice the way this chapter begins it says “Then the word of the Lord came to Jonah the second time …”  Just because we  mess up does not mean that God has given up on us.  I hope you will be with on Sunday as we look at the Gospel for Loser’s.

We had a lot of great praise reports last week and I hope you will be able to share this Sunday what God did for you this week. There were also many prayer request  this week also.  Please remember to pray for Ruth’s sister this week as Ruth heads down to be with her.  They were unable to remove the stone from her last week but they are hoping it will pass on it own after they removed a portion of it.  Listen to the prayer request made last week and lift them up in your prayers this week.  Keep doing good things for the people you meet and keep loving people even when they seem they do not love you back.  We will see you on Sunday!!!!

We love you so much
Pastor David & Pris

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