Sunday February 3,2016 "Where do you stand?"

Last week we were treated to another 5Th Sunday of the month from Larry and Linda.  Linda had our friend from Dallas Theological Seminary, Craig Blackburn, share his testimony with us.  He explained how he suffers from Tourette�s syndrome. It was really inspirational how he contracted this after the death of his father and how he deals with it every day. He also shared with us how he found God.  Craig is working with us as a part of his internship at DTS.  We are truly enjoying his time with us.  Pastor Larry shared with us the responsibilities a husband and wife have to each other and to God.  He felt like he did not know why God had him bring this message but I believe we all benefited from his insight and advise.  We as couples can always do better and we need to be reminded our roles from time to time.

This week I want to look back at the Old Testament in the book of Jeremiah. In reading this scripture I see where the prophet divides people into 2 different groups, those that are cursed and those that are blessed.  The problem is some of the ones that are cursed feel like they have the world by the tail and don’t seem to have a care in the world while some of those who are blessed seem to walk around like they would not know a blessing if it hit them in the face.  The scripture verses for this week are Jeremiah 17:5-10, Psalm 103:2.  Jeremiah talks about a group whose lives are like the dried up bush in the desert and the other group as a blossoming tree by the river. We can pick what group we want to be in but know this to be in the first group you just do nothing to be in the 2ND group you must plant the seeds every day to reap the harvest.  I hope you will be with us this week as we decide, “Where do you stand?”

We still had several people out missing last Sunday and I hope as we kick off the month of February that we will have many that have been away back home with us.  Remember to pray for those that were mentioned in our prayer request last week and if you need something during the week call me and let me help.  I hope you have a great week and let’s be God’s voice this week as we share with someone the good news of Christ.  See you on Sunday!!!

We love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris

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