Sunday February 5, 2017 "This little light of mine"

We really had a great time last week at BBT. Linda interviewed our new intern Shannon from Dallas Theological Seminary.  She shared with us about thinking she was called to be a missionary but believes God has called her to something else, not sure what yet but she knows God has plans for her.  Larry shared with us how we can be confident about our Faith.  There are things we will never understand right now but Gods word can be proven in today’s world.  Our Faith is not blind, we can walk confidently in our beliefs and promises from God.  If you were not with us last week listen to our podcast. You will enjoy both, Shannon’s testimony and Larry’s insight.

As we start out a new month I want to try an encourage you to see you as God sees you. Our scripture verse this week is in Matthew the 5Th Chapter vs 14-16.  Jesus is talking to his disciples and tells them they are the light of the world.  Are you kidding me? This motley crew of Farmers and fishermen and tax collectors are the light of the world?  Jesus is the only one that could see them for what they really were or should I say would become.  Here is the good news, Jesus sees you the same way! He sees the good in you and he wants you to share that with the world.  He wants us to shine a light on the dark parts of this world, he wants us to bring light to the dark areas in people’s life.  See that is who we are, not that we are the light but we are a reflection of Christ light.  I hope you will join us Sunday as we try and shine the light of God’s love to others.  We will also have a new member of the month Sunday.

Please continue to pray for this ministry and pray for each other.  I hope many who were sick last week will be back and feeling better, please know we prayed for you this week.  Do something good for somebody this week and shine that light of Jesus in your life!  We hope to see you on Sunday

We love you so much,
Pastor David & Pris


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