Sunday February 8, 2015 "Where do we stand with Jesus?"

What a start to last week’s service.  With the lift not working on the buss I was not sure how we were going to get the wheel chairs off the buss, but God is good and Brenda was able to get the lift working and it has been working fine since then.  It just goes to show you how far Satin will go to try and stop us but he did not win.  Pris led us in a time of healing and many were prayed for. I hope they received some comfort in the service.  I spoke about how we can overcome temptation. It is something we are all dealing with everyday, but confession and repentance is where we start.

This week we are going to Honor another member of our Bartimaeus family as we pick another member to be in our Ring of Honor.  As I was thinking about this I realized that those we pick as honored members are not asking for this attention and it many cases they may be embarrassed about it.  They are not like James and John in our scripture today who ASK Jesus to let them be in a place of honor in his Kingdom.  Our scripture for this week is in the Mark 10: 35-45.  Jesus is confronted by the these 2 men asking for him to honor there wishes. Jesus makes it plan to them they do not have the right to ask that and if you want to be honored you need to be willing to be a servant.  That is what is so special about this church we are all just a bunch of servants.  That is what Jesus expects of us, not demanding to sit at the head of the table but be thankful wherever he puts us. I hope you will be at the service on Sunday as we talk about what God has for us.

I spoke with the Terrell’s this week and they are recovering from the Pink Eye, hopefully they will be back this week.  I have spoken to Mickie and she really needs our prayers as she is hoping to come back to the nursing home soon.  I hope all of those that were struggling last week have received some relief this week and Sunday will be a great day of giving thanks for what God has done.  Keep doing good things for people and be available for God to use you.  We will see you Sunday

We love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris

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