Sunday January 14th, 2018 "Are you listing?"

What a great day it was last week at BBT.  After 2 weeks off for the holidays it was so good to be back together in God’s House.  Pris taught a lesson about how much God loves us and how we are to love him and each other.  She explained we cannot make excuses for our bad behavior and we all will be accountable to God for our actions.  I brought a sermon on how God loves change especially changed lives. And when we change God gives us a new name, a name that he bestows on us that shows how he feels about us.  I hope you will encourage each other by thinking of other people not as what they have been but what they can become.  It is a lesson I need to learn also because it is so easy to give up on someone because if what they did in the pass and can’t believe they can change.  God can change anyone if they will accept him.

This week the message will be out of 1 Samuel 3 1-10.  This is the story of Samuel and how God called him in his sleep.  The first 3 times Samuel did not realize it was God calling him till Eli told him to say to the voice “Speak, for your servant is listing”.  That is what I want to talk about this week, so many times we hear but are we listing?  I cannot tell you how important it is to be a good listener.  We need to be good listeners to others and especially to God.  Many times when we pray we say the same thing over and over just out of habit and have a tendency to tell God what He needs to do for us and when He needs to do it.  We rarely ask God what He thinks we need and we rarely listen for God’s answer when we do.  We have made up our minds what needs to happen then we are surprised that things don’t work out.  When we learn to hear God?  God speaks to us in many ways but to hear God you have to be open to how he speaks to us.  Maybe it will be through a scripture you read or a song you hear, maybe it will be in a dream or maybe he will just brought something to mind.  However God speaks to you we need to listen because God has a plan for you and things for you to do that you could not imagine you could do.  Trust God and listen to Him and learn to really listen to others.  We will be having the Lord supper this week so make plans to join us.

Please continue to pray for those mention in our prayer request last week epically say a prayer for Linda.  She wants to be with us every week but her illness keeps her from it.  Ask God for a special healing for Linda and all those who are suffering right now.  I know Larry & Linda are asking for a miracle and we should be also.  Keep doing good things for people and start really listing to people and to God.  Hope to see you on Sunday, invite someone with you !

We love you so much,
Pastor David & Pris


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