Sunday January 6th 2016 "What are you seeking?"

The weather was really bad last week but our time at BBT was Great.  Cindy brought a Sunday school lesson about having a positive attitude. She explained that we need to have this positive attitude in our everyday life. It begins with making good choices. Tim and his coworker and friend Louis Reyna brought the message. This was the first time we had met Louis and his wife and we were honored to meet them. Louis showed us how important it is to put on the armor of God.  We are fighting warfare every day.  He says none of us are perfect but we can overcome our mistakes by trusting God. Tim showed us how Satin is out to seek and destroy our lives.  He is the father of lies and we must be able to see his lies and trust God.  I really enjoyed these 2 wonderful brothers in Christ.

This week I want us to look back at the year 2015.  Was it the year you hoped for? Did you accomplish anything in 2015 that you had set out to do or was this a year of many disappointments?  Maybe we need to look at what we are seeking after.  The scripture vs this week will be in Matthew 2:1-12.  This is the story of the Wise Men following the Star and finding Jesus.  We will look at what was it they were seeking, what was Herod seeking and what was the religious leaders seeking.  They were all looking for something different.  I will be asking the question what are you seeking in 2016?  The things we seek after or the things that are important to us.  I want us to be seeking the right things in 2016, as a church, as a family and as individuals.  I hope you will join us Sunday as we look back at 2015 and look forward to 2016.

I hope you have a safe and wonderful New Year holiday on Friday. Make good resolutions. I hope you will make a choice to be in church every Sunday you can start on January 6Th and continuing all through the year, but remember you are a representative of Christ every day of the year no matter where you are.  Make yourself available to receive the challenges and the blessings God has for you this new year.  We hope to see you on Sunday and bring a friend with you!

We love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris

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