Sunday July 2, 2017 "Free at last"

We had a short  service again  last week as Linda was not able to be there to teach Sunday School. We did have a going away party for Shannon, our latest intern from Dallas Theological Seminary, after the service as she and her fiancee are moving to Colorado.  Larry brought a message on the life of Samuel.  It was very informative and encouraging as the same God that spoke to Samuel still speaks to us.  Larry also sang a beautiful song called Trust in Jesus, he did a great job on it.  Sara also was with us as she was visiting from out of State.  All in all it was a great service.

This week I believe Linda will be back and will teach Sunday School and I want to bring a message on Freedom.  We are going to celebrate the 4Th of July next week and I think it will be a good time to talk about the freedom’s we have.  My scripture verse this week will be in Romans 6: 12-23.  Paul is writing here about how we can be enslaved to sin or enslaved to Christ.  He goes through the difference and how if we choose Christ we can be free, free to be the men or women God created us to be.  I hope you will join us Sunday as we celebrate our Freedom.

Please pray for those mention in prayer request.  Kim is trying to get through this time of doing nothing but laying on her back but she goes back to the doctor on Monday to discuss surgery on her ankle now.  Please pray for Kim and Pris because they are both trying to get through this as well as possible.  I hope you are having a great week and I hope to see you on Sunday!  Do something good for someone this week and don’t be too proud to let someone help you if you need help , that is why we are here.

We love you so much,


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