Sunday June 12, 2016 "What do you see when you see me?"

Greetings followers of BBT. I hope you are enjoying this warm DRY weather we have had the last few days.  I know the rain will be back soon but it is nice to dry up a little before it returns.  We had a great time last Sunday as we kicked off the month of June. Priscilla led us in Sunday School with the story of Solomon and the wisdom God gave him.  I brought a message on the Canaanite women who came to Jesus asking for the deliverance of her daughter from a demon.  We talked about how sometimes God is silent when we pray.  We discussed that does not mean he is absent or doesn’t care but part of God’s nature is being silent.  We need to trust him when we feel his presence and when we don’t. Our faith is not built on the idea we think God exists. It is founded on the fact we know he exist and he lives inside of us.  I learned some valuable lessons while studying this message last week and I hope to apply them in my daily walk.  We also selected John Beatty into our Ring of Honor last week as we got to know a little more about him.

This week I want us to talk about the difference in how God sees us and how we see others.  I am going to read from 1 Samuel 16:1-13.  Samuel had been called by God to select the first 2 kings over Israel and Samuel selected Saul.  Saul was not the King the people of Israel needed. God has sent Samuel now to Jesse house as one of his sons would be the next King. Jesse brought all of his sons before Samuel but left David behind to watch the sheep.  He was the youngest and surely God did not want him as King. The message hear is we judge someone by what we see on the outside. God sees what is on the inside and knew that David was “A man after God’s own heart”.  I hope we can learn this week how we too can see what a person is like on the inside and not just judge someone by what they look like or how they dress. I hope you will be with us this Sunday as we fellowship together in God’s house.  Invite someone to come with you and share the joy.

Pray for all the prayer request mentioned last week. Kim is out of the hospital and back at home.  Thank you for all your prayers and concerns for her, she is doing much better.  Clarke had his gallbladder taken out this week and is back with Don & Brenda. He is recovering but needs our prayers for both him and Shelly.  Pastor Jay has requested we remember him and his family in prayers this week. Edith is doing better after her surgery and hopes to be back playing the piano this Sunday. Please remember Pris and her sister Jo as they are trying to make arrangements for moving their parent’s back to Dallas, they need some encouragement.  I hope you have a great week and I hope you are making plans to be at church this week.  We miss you when you are not there.  Keep trusting God even when you can’t hear him and do something good for someone as it moves God when we are obedient.  Can’t wait to see you on Sunday!!

We love you so much,
Pastor David & Pris


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