Sunday June 18, 2016 " What does a good father look like?"

What a good group we had in service last week.  We had two visitors David & Chris and John was able to be back with us on Sunday as well. I really enjoyed the service last week. Linda taught Sunday School on sometimes our suffering is part of our sanctification.  I tried to bring a message on why we baptize and how we should look at our baptismal.  I hope you got something from both of these lessons.

This week we are going to be celebrating Father’s day.  As a father myself I know how important a role we play in our children’s lives.  I did not say I was that good at it but I know the importance.  I think most good fathers, no let’s say all good fathers feel overwhelmed with responsibility of being the kind of father God’s calls us to be.  We have to be patient but involved, forgiving but also hold our kids responsible for their actions. We have to lead by example but also willing to let them be who they are.  It is not an easy job but it is one of the most important jobs we have.  This week I want to talk about a man God called to be a father of great nation but what kind of father was he to his children.  This is the story of Abraham but it is probably not the story you are thinking about.  Our scripture verse this week is Genesis 21: 8-21. This is the Story of Sarah being so jealous over Ismael the son of Abraham from Hagar that she tells Abraham to send them away.  Abraham the father did not want to do this but Abraham the husband felt like he had no choice.  It was a difficult situation but God assured him he would take care of Ismael and Hagar and to do what his wife had said.  This story is really not about how good a father Abraham is but how good our heavenly father is.  I hope you will be with us on Sunday as we celebrate our earthly father’s and honor our heavenly father.

Please remember to pray for those mentioned in our prayer request last week.  I am glad to report Cathy’s husband Bennie came through the surgery on Monday and is doing very well.  He is back home resting now.  Anita is feeling better and she hopes to be back in service on Sunday.  Your prayers are working!  Have a blessed week and help somebody along the way.  Hope to see you on Sunday and invite someone to join you as we fellowship together on Sunday.

We love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris


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