Sunday June 11, 2017 "Why do we need to be baptized?

Last Sunday was really a good day to be in God’s house.  Priscilla encouraged us not to be hypocritical and not to be afraid to share your problems with others.  I talked about having a healthy faith by trusting God, treating other people with love and respect and see yourself like God sees you.  We inducted Pastor Larry as our member of the month for June.  It was nice to have the Terrell family back and nice to see Richard & Barbara visiting with us last week.  Special thanks to Tim for fixing the fender on our Bus.

This week Linda will be bringing the Sunday School lesson and I want to answer some questions on how we as Baptist look at baptism.  The scripture verses this week are found in Matthew 13:13-17. This is the story of when Jesus came to John the Baptist and had him baptize Him. I love this story as it shows Jesus is all about being obedient to his Father and how his Father is so proud of him.  As we approach father’s day I believe most son’s want to feel like their fathers are proud of them but the hard part is being obedient.  Jesus was all about being obedient to his Father and doing his will.  Being baptize does not save us,  it is just our way of following the example of Christ.  I want to show that baptism is not the end of our journey but the beginning.  Jesus still had to struggle, face temptations and was misunderstood and by some he was hated. His baptism was just the beginning of his ministry and it was an act of obedience.  Our baptism symbolizes that we are beginning our new life in Christ. I want to show you what that entails as we look at this wonderful story of Christ’s baptism. Please make plans to be with us on Sunday as we fellowship together and invite someone to join you.

I hope you are praying for the prayer request mentioned on Sunday and remember your promise to pray for someone every day this week.  We appreciate all you do for us and we love having the chance to fellowship with you every week.  We miss you when you are out.  Hope to see you on Sunday, do good things because you just can’t help it.  It is who you are!!!

We love you so much,
Pastor David & Pris


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