Sunday March 1, 2015 "God where are you? part 2"

What a week this has been.  If we thought winter was over we learned different this week.  I hope you are keeping safe and warm and not having to get out on these icy streets.  We did not get to have service last week due to the weather but I am hoping all of this will be over before the weekend.  I am hoping this will be the last freeze before spring gets here.  If you need anything please call me and let us help you if you need it.

I am going to due the sermon I had prepared for last week as the question is still the same, God where are you?  We have all experienced times in out lives when we just don’t get it. Why are good people having to suffer and why is God not punishing the wicked?  Sometimes we think God is not paying attention to what is going on.  We believe in God but sometimes we just don’t understand why certain things are happening.  This is not an idea we came up with recently, this question was asked even before Christ came onto this earth.  We will not answer all your questions on Sunday but what I can hope to show you is that God is still in control and he is not trying to punish us for our sins but forgive us and give us a new start.  I hope you will be with us this week as we read from the book of Joel the 2ND chapter.

We found out Sunday that Priscilla sister, Carroll, passed away.  We have been praying for the family as we knew the time was near but that does not take away from our grief.  It does comfort us to know that Carroll is no longer suffering but we will miss her.  Thank you for your calls and prayers during this time.  I hope you will be back in service this week as we start a new month and a chance to start over again.  Keep doing good things for other people and invite someone to come with you on Sunday.

We Love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris

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