Sunday March 12th, 2017 "You must be born again"

It was a great day last Sunday at BBT.  The weather was a little rough and there were not many in attendance but we had a great time fellowshipping together.

This week I want to talk about what Jesus means when he says “we must be born again.”  Jesus explains there are 2 kind of births one is physical and one is spiritual.  Would you want to be born again physically?  Would you like a do over?  What would you do different?  I believe we all could do better the second time around if we had the chance, but when Jesus talks about being born again he is talking about spiritually.  He made it very clear in order to enter the Kingdom of God you must be born again spiritually.  Jesus says we all are in need of this rebirth, this start over, this second chance.  It is only because of God’s grace and mercy we have this chance to be born again but it is something we will have to choose to do.  No one can choose it for you and God will not force you to accept it, it is a choice you will have to make.   Many think that they can be good enough to earn heaven, people like Nicodemus, who was really good by the world’s standard but he was not good enough to save himself.  I hope you will join us Sunday as we look at the story in John 3: 1-8 KJV about Jesus and Nicodemus.  Invite someone to come join you as we open God’s word and ask for his guidance.

Please continue to pray for those mentioned in our prayer request this week and continue to pray for this ministry.  If you need something this week call me and let us help.  Go out of your way this week to do something good for somebody and share your faith with those you meet.  Be blessed and we will see you on Sunday!

We love you so much!

Pastor David & Pris


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