Sunday March 29, 2015 "On the road again"

What a great time we had last week at BBT. I know how proud Latrice was as she has so many of her family with her.  I got to speak about something I really feel is important, Forgiveness and Pris spoke about confessing and receiving God’s grace.  I felt like it was something all of us need to practice.

This week we are going to be back on the road as we visit Richardson east Baptist Church.  I am looking forward to meeting the members and sharing our story with them.  After church we will head back to the church for lunch and a movie.  I hope you will be with us as we take our show out on the road.  We will be leaving the Church around 10:00 am to get to their church. The following Sunday will be Easter and I can’t wait as we will Celebrate the resurrection of Christ together. I am hoping for a good crowd and we will have dinner following the service.

Please make plans to join us over the next two weeks and invite someone to come with you.   Keep doing good things for other people and remember to forgive like you have been forgiven.  We will see you Sunday MORNING!!

We love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris

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