Sunday May 1, 2016 "Do over from last week"

Last Sunday was a crazy day. We had picked up the group on the bus but when we pulled into the parking lot we noticed a truck in the parking lot and several people standing in the parking lot.  It seems a power line had broken and had set the grass on fire outside the church.  About that time a firetruck pulls up and blocks off the street and then the transformer blows up.  It sounded like a bomb went off. Needless to say all the power in the church was off and we were unable to meet but there was no damage to the church.  I am hoping we will have a good group back for this Sunday as we try to have a do over from last week.

I learned this week that Ruth’s sister, Mary Ellen, was sent to Medical City here in Dallas as they could not do the procedure in the small hospital she was at.  Please pray for her this week as she has this procedure here. I am not sure exactly when but it will be this week. She is hoping to go back home the same day.  Michelle was coughing really bad last Sunday and she is hoping to be able to go to the doctor this week hoping she does not have pneumonia, please be praying for her. Kim’s ankle is getting better every day but she has a nurse coming by every day to change the dressing and she is going to several doctor appoinments this week so please continue to remember her in your prayers.  Keep doing good things for people this week and we will see you on Sunday hopefully this time we can have church!

We Love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris

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