Sunday May 10, 2015: "It is Mothers Day!"

We were blessed to have another Sunday worshiping Christ at BBT.  I hope you are making plans to be part of us over the next few weeks because we are expecting great things.  Last week we put Edith Meyers into our ring of honor for the month of May. We are so grateful that she shares her gift of playing the Piano with us every week. God blesses us through her every week.  We speak blessing and peace on her  through our Lord Jesus Christ.

This week is a very special week as we celebrate Mother’s Day.  My mother passed away several years ago but there are few days in my life I do not think about her.  I was very lucky to have had a Christian Mother and Father and it is because of them I know Christ the way I know him today.  I want to honor our Mothers this week as I share with you the scripture verses in the Gospel of John chapter 14 vs 23 and 24.  In these verses Jesus is talking to his disciples telling them he will not be with them forever but he would always be part of them.  Jesus is telling the disciples that if you really love me you will keep my commandments. In the King James version it says If anyone loves me he will obey my teachings.  If we are going to talk about honoring out Mothers we have to start with being obedient. It is not a word we like to use anymore. The truth is Obedience is important to our spiritual lives, and obedience is also an important part of helping a family run smoothly. There is an undeniable link between love and obedience. We may not like to use this word but we better know how to do it.  I hope you will be with us on Sunday as we discover that being obedient is not such a bad thing.

Please continue to pray for this ministry and please pray for those who were mentioned in our prayer requests last week.  I hope to see you Sunday as we celebrate Mothers day.  Keep doing good things and remember what we talked about last week that we are the only hands and feet and voice God has right now, be Jesus like in every thing we do.

We love you so much,
Pastor David & Pris

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