Sunday May 28th, 2017 " Let's Remember"

I hope you are having a great week and as Larry said last week I hope you have a happy heart.  There were several people missing last week but the ones that were there were blessed.  Linda brought another lesson on looking at a legacy, this week she portrayed David Brainerd. He has such a great influence on missions.  Larry brought a message on how to have a happy heart.  You can hear both of these on our podcast if you were not with us last week. They are certainly worth listing to.

This week I want to talk to you about celebrating Memorial Day.  This is a day for us to remember those that made a huge sacrifice for us. It is a day we need to look back and remember.  Apostle Paul was writing to the church in Philippi and he spoke about how he was remembering them.  The scripture verses this week is Philippians 1: 1-11.  Paul tells them how much he loved them and will always remember their help in this ministry.  Paul knew he was not going to be with them much longer and he wanted to encourage them to keep up the good work.  As we remember those that paid the supreme price for us this week also know that they want you not to just remember them but to keep the work going.  We have a responsibility to be an inspiration to the next generation and give them something to remember us by.  I hope you will be with us on Sunday and invite someone to come with you as we celebrate Memorial Sunday.

I want to encourage you all to keep praying for this ministry.  We need all of you to be a part of this, caring about others more than we do about ourselves.  I have great hopes for where this church is going to do in the near future.  Pray for those mentioned in our prayer request and as always, look for something good you can do for somebody, you will be blessed.  See you on Sunday!!

We love you so much,
Pastor David & Pris


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