Sunday November 13 2016 Tim and Cindy bring the message

Last week we had a great time as we started the month of November. Pris led us in Sunday school and talked about how God deserves to be praised regardless of our situation  We as Christians need to be grateful for what we have.  I taught on asking truthful questions and seeking the truth.  we also talked about loving God and the people around us.  We also got a better chance to know about Michael as he was our member of the month.  I really enjoyed fellowshipping with you last week.

This has been a crazy week as we nominated a new president.  This was a heated election and both sides said & did things that were hurtful. The candidates handled themselves with a lot of dignity after the election and encouraged that we need to come together as a nation.  I wish they could have had that kind of attitude throughout their campaigns. Regardless of who you voted for we need to pray for Donald Trump to be the leader we need him to be, and pray to God to heal our nation.
This week Tim & Cindy will have the service and I am looking forward to having them share with us what God has given them.  I hope you will make plans for be with us on Sunday.

This week am struggling with cellulites in my leg. I went and had a Doppler on my leg to see if I had a  blood clot and praise God I don’t.  I am taking antibiotics and staying off my leg and hope to be better by Sunday, but I could use your prayers.  Remember to pray for the pray request that were mentioned on Sunday and please pray for our nation.  I hope to see you on Sunday and keep doing good things in Jesus name.

We love you so much.

Pastor David
& Pris


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