Sunday November 20, 2016 " Celbrating Thanksgiving with Harvest Oaks "

What a good group we had last week.  Cindy and Tim did the service and when they have the service the whole family is involved. Cindy taught Sunday School about being thankful and humble, two of the traits we all wish we had more of.  Tim spoke about God’s Love and how we need to show that love to others.  Mary gave her testimony and Rachel & Lexus sang with Tim.  I really enjoyed it and I hope we remember to practice what they taught us.  Lupe was back in service this week and Clark was also. I hope they will be able to be with us every week.

This week Harvest Oaks church will provide out Thanksgiving service for us. They will have the Sunday School and Jay will bring a message then they will provide Thanksgiving dinner after the service. This group of believers mean so must to our congregation and we really do appreciate how they really want to do this. What a special group they are led by a special pastor.  I hope you will be with us Sunday as we give thanks for all God is doing for us.
Please remember Shelly in your prayers this week and remember to pray for those mentioned in our prayer requests last Sunday.  I hope you are having a great week and I hope to see you on Sunday. Do something good for someone this week and you will be doing something good for yourself.

We love you so Much,

Pastor David & Pris


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