Sunday November 22, 2015 "In all things give thanks!"

It was so nice to get to share Thanksgiving with our church family last Sunday.  I want to thank everyone who made this such a special celebration.  Linda showed us in Sunday school how we have to fight the good fight, never give in, never give up.  That describes what BBT is all about.  Larry brought the message on putting on the armor of God.  He explained we are in battle and we cannot go into it unprotected.  I hope you enjoyed last Sunday as much as I did.  It is always special to spend the holidays with the people you love.  We should appreciate every chance to celebrate together because there is no promise that we will be around for another.  Live your life each day enjoying it and being appreciative of having another day of God’s blessings.

This Sunday we will have a special guess during the Sunday school time.  Michael Delgado will share his testimony with us.  Michael was a great athlete that received a scholarship to play soccer in college.  A terrible accident changed all that.  God uses this young man to share with others his testimony of winning even when it looks like you are losing.  I am excited to hear his testimony and see what God is doing with this young man’s life.

I am going to share with you this week about being thankful.  As bad as things are it can be very difficult to have an attitude of gratitude.  Learning to be thankful no matter what the circumstances is what God is all about.  I want us to see that it is when times are at their worst and we can still be thankful, we have truly understood what Christianity is all about.  I am going to be reading in Luke 17:11-19.  This is the story of the 10 lepers that were healed but only 1 returned to give thanks.  You would think that when Jesus healed these men they would have been forever grateful.  We have to understand these men had been so beaten down maybe the gratefulness had just been squeezed out of them and they just did not know how.  I hope you will not let life do that to you.  Life is tough and sometimes there seems to be no one that really cares about you.  I want you to know that is not true, Life is hard but there are people who care and you have a loving father that adores you, even when you ignore him.  I hope you will join us this week as we learn to be thankful in the midst of a storm.

Please continue to pray for those mentioned in our prayer request last week.  As we come into the holiday seasons I hope you will get to spend time with your love ones. I hope that you will find in your hearts to forgive those that have hurt you. Make this Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year a new start of healing and receiving from a good and loving God.  I am going to ask a question this Sunday and if you take the time to read this you will have a head start on answering it.  The question is:  Where would I be right now without God?  Think about all the bad things around you but yet God still sustains you, loves you and protects you.  There are many lost people in this world today and they need to find God, be that person that leads them to him.  I hope to see you on Sunday and I want to hear how God has blessed you this week!!!!

We love you so much,
Pastor David & Pris

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