Sunday October 25, 2015 "Can others see God in you?"

What a blessing it was to be at BBT last week.  There were very few there but we really did hear a blessing from both Linda and Larry. They both shared with us on how Salvation is indeed a free gift but to accept this gift can cost us everything.  We have to understand what salvation means and how precious we need to treat it.  We cannot just receive it and do nothing with it. Our Salvation requires us to share the good news to all around us. We need to see how gracious and loving our God is and how we are to be like him.  I hope you understand that just because something is just given to you does not mean it has little value.  In God’s world the things we give away or the things that are valued the most.

As we close out the month of October I want us to look at how do we see God and how do we see others.  We as born again followers sometimes fail to understand how other people see God.  We know about his love and grace and mercy but many people see God as he really does not exist or if there is a God he is failing at being God.  They will tell you look around and see what is going on, where is your God?  We have a tendency to strike back and defend our God and really not listen to what they are saying or look at what they are going through.  Even as a pastor there are many things that bother me about the things God has done in the past and the things we see around us now.  It is no wonder why so many people are having a hard time with God.  The thing we need to understand is our job is not to defend him, he is more than capable of doing that, our job is to help people see him through our lives.  The only way we can show God’s love, mercy and his grace and forgiveness is to see that God loves all people and we need to understand that.  We need to see others as God sees them.  He created then he sent his Son to die for them.  We cannot just tell them about the love of God they will have to see it in us.  I hope you will join us this Sunday as we see how we can be more like Christ every day.

Please remember those mention in our prayer request last week and call those who were not with us and tell them how we missed them.  I hope you have a blessed week and do something good for someone this week as God is blessing you.  See you Sunday!!

We love you so much,
Pastor David & Pris

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