Sunday September 11 2016 "Homecoming 2016"

Last week was another great Sunday at BBT. Linda finished up showing us the photos from our past and hopefully we will have them ready for this Sunday’s homecoming.  I brought a message on being careful on how we judge people but also not to be afraid to stand up for what it is right.  I enjoyed doing this message last week as sometimes we as Christians need to know how to walk that thin line between being judgmental and being indifferent.   I also loved learning to know more about our honored member Anna.  It was a great service to lead us up to this Sunday’s homecoming!

Normally we have Jay Gibson bring the message on homecoming but this year he is going to be out of town.  I asked Anita’s son Sean Hooks to bring the message this week and he was very excited to have the chance to do so.  He is going to be bringing a message on the story of Bartimaeus in Mark the 10Th chapter vs 46-52.  Sean is a young man who really has felt the call from God to preach his word.  He and his wife and children are very active in their church and I know how much this means to him to get to share with us on Sunday.  Pastor Larry is also going to sing a special this week. I look for a really good group in Church this week as we celebrate 57 years in this ministry.  Homecoming is the only time we have services on Sunday morning.  We will start right at 10:00 and we will have lunch served at 12:00.  We are looking to have many old faces come back and visit with us and I know we will have a special time in worshiping and fellowship.  Please don’t miss this very special celebration as we celebrate Homecoming 2016.

Last Sunday Priscilla’s mom, Mary Aronhaldt, went to be with the Lord.  We appreciate all your prayers and thoughts as we make plans to have Pris’s Dad come back to Dallas to live with Pris’s sister Jo. Glen is having a very hard time because he was sure he was not going to have to see her pass, she was going to survive him, but God’s timing is perfect and he was able to spend the last few days of Mary’s life holding her and telling her how much he loved her.  They were so much in love with each other and with God.  There are no plans for a service right now but we will let you know.  Pris will be back to lead Sunday School this week so help us encourage her in her time of grief.   I am excited about this week and I hope you are as well.  Have a great week and we will see you on Sunday MORNING!

We love you so much,
Pastor David and Pris


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