Sunday, September 14th 2014 "Homecoming 2014"

We have started the month of September off with a bang at BBT. We had a good group in church on Sunday and we have so many things coming up just this month.  Priscilla shared how God is leading us in many different ways and that sometimes what we see as a detour, God is showing us there is another way we need to go.  What we see as problems God sees them as an opportunity to be a blessing.  It is important that we don’t give up when we think there is nowhere else to go because God will make a way.  I shared with you how important it is in the Kingdom of God that we bee able to see.  Not with our physical eyes but with our spiritual eyes.  I hope you received as much of a blessing in hearing this message as I did giving it.  He showed us ways how we need to see other people, how we need to see God, and how we see our blessings.  I hope you took this to heart and used your spiritual eyes this week.

This Sunday is a very special Sunday at BBT. We are going to celebrate 55 years in this ministry.  Our homecoming is always so special each and every year and this year will be no exception.  Pastor Jay will once again come and present the message for this special day.  We will have several guests and I know we will have a few special songs this week.  This is the only Sunday we have church at 10:00 am and then we will have lunch catered in from Baker’s Ribs after the service. I hope you will make plans to join us early this week and please stay and have lunch with us afterwards.  If you want to be blessed don’t miss this service.  As I think back over the many years in this ministry I am amazed at the people that have been a part of this ministry.  God has been so gracious to Bartimaeus Baptist Temple.  I know we have no assurance of even tomorrow so don’t take for granite that we will always have another chance to meet together.  My prayer is we will have many many more homecomings at BBT but don’t miss a opportunity to worship together this Sunday it could be the last. One day we will look back and wish we had another chance to see one another.  The Lord willing we will have this chance on Sunday, don’t miss out.

Please bring a guest with you on Sunday and lets fill the auditorium and then lets let the Holy Spirit feel us!!!

We love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris

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