Sunday September 3, 2017 "The easy way is not always the best way"

I want to thank Tim and Cindy for leading us in our service last week.  It was a very patriotic service. I was sorry Cathy and Ruth had to leave but they did get to be with Cathy’s mother in law before she passed away.  Our prayers and thoughts are with your family.

This week begins a new month and I am excited about everything that we have planned in the near future.  Homecoming is just a week away and the Fair will be coming up in a few weeks. God is really blessing us but right now we are going through some tough times.  Hurricane Harvey has really hit the Gulf coast of Texas hard, as Tim talked about last week there is a lot unrest within our own community and the Nation is very unstable right now. God never promised us things would be easy, in fact he did promise there would be tough times.  It is how we handle the hard times that shows us our faith.  Many people want to take the easy way and not pay the cost to do it the right way.  They don’t realize that the easy way will end up costing you more.  I want to speak to you this Sunday about what Jesus says to us about taking the easy way out.  The scripture verses this week are in Matthew 16-:21-27.  Jesus has just asked the disciples who do you believe I am and Peter said you are the Christ, Son of the living God.  Then Jesus changes the subject and starts telling them what was about to happen and Peter refuses to accept this and Jesus calls him Satan.  What a turnaround for Peter.  Jesus then tells the disciples that they will have to pick up their cross and follow him.  Jesus shows them the way to abundant life is not the easy way but it is the right way.  I hope you will join us on Sunday as we learn the right way to follow Christ.

Please remember Cathy’s family in their loss this week.  The funeral will be Saturday.  Please pray for those mentioned in our prayer request last week and especially remember those in the Houston area as they continue to deal with the flooding.  Any help you can give will be appreciated but we can all pray for them.  Do good things for people this week and we will see you on Sunday!

We love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris


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