About Us

Photo of Pastor David pushing a man in a wheelchair

Pastor David with John B

Bartimaeus Baptist Temple has ministered to people with disabilities, their families, friends and caregivers since 1959. It was first a mission of North Dallas Church and then a mission of First Urbandale Church.

In 1977 the congregation moved to its present location , a small white frame building at 6929 Day Street in Southeast Dallas.  Founding Pastor  Don Whitmore was disabled with Parkinson’s disease  which caused trembling in his body. He also had some difficulties with his hearing. Yet he and his wife Anna Ruth were outgoing and his disability gave them an understanding in working with people with all types of disabilities in their congregation.

Today,  Don’s son David Whitmore and his wife Priscilla continue the mission at Bartimaeus Baptist Temple named Bartimaeus after a biblical figure who sought out Jesus and was healed.