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Thanksgiving Celebration, November 19

Blessings to you, church family and friends. We’ve got a great Sunday in store for us. Harvest Oaks Church is returning this year to bring food for the body and the spirit. Associate Pastor Mark Cimino will bring the message and his wife Marie will have Sunday school. After the service we’ll gather in the fellowship hall for a meal. Don’t miss out!

Message for November 12: Do You Know Who You Are?

Blessings to you, friends and family.  Here’s what’s new.

it was good to see Debra back again and to have the pastor’s friends John and Nancy pay us another visit.  Priscilla led into her Sunday school lesson with one of her stories and taught us how to have patience when things are hard.  The pastor challenged us to be good neighbors with the story of the good Samaritan.  We were still missing a lot of people though.  Pray for John.  We don’t really know what the issue is, but I understand he had some kind of surgery.

I’ve been thinking lately about how best to encourage everyone as we all struggle with different challenges.  Sometimes we fight well.  At other times maybe we don’t.  Sometimes we just don’t know what to do.  I wonder if part of our problem is that we have an identity crisis.  We don’t really know who we are.  I’m speaking to us as individuals.  Sometimes we let others label us.  Sometimes we label ourselves.  We adopt things about us, true or not, as the whole of our identity.  But when we become God’s children, we take on a new identity.  We become a new creation!  Our concept of who we are dramatically affects our lives.  It informs the choices we make and the things we are willing to accept.  If we could really understand the new identity given to us as God’s children, joint heirs to the inheritance provided by the creator of the universe through what Jesus did for us, I think it would change a lot of things for us.  We’re going to start from 2 Corinthians 5:15-18 and start living as the saints we are, not the sinners we used to be.

See you there!

Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of November 5

Rejoice with us and pray with us.

Ruth came through her medical testing well.  Pam reports progress on getting her new shoes.  Debra is back with us!  Treatments are helping with her pain.  Didi is thankful for the help she has recieved and for the Lord’s protection.  Anita’s aunt is out of the hospital and doing better.  Richard and Barbara got their land.  Edward got a better car after his gave out.

Didi asks us to pray for a cousin Sonny who will have a heart operation.  Marry Ellen is still in the hospital and will need to go into rehab or maybe a nursing home.  Kimi has been feeling sick.  Cathy asks prayers for the Henderson family, related to one of Cathy’s friends.  Pray also for the situation in south Texas where there has been a shooting this morning at a church.  Pam asks prayer for ongoing medical problmes.  She asks us to pray for Brenda O as she struggles with medical needs.  Pray for Didi as she tries to resolve issues that will clear the way for her to get housing.  I was not able to capture the requests from Barbara.  Someone please chime in.

Be blessed, and be a blessing!


Sunday November 5, 2017 " What kind of neighbor are you?

It was a great day to be at BBT last Sunday.  Linda brought a Sunday School lesson on Martin Luther and how he was responsible for the freedoms we enjoy in this country today.  He was one man but he changed the world.   Larry brought a message on making good choices. He explained we make choices every day and many don’t seem that important but there are choices we make that affect us for eternity.  The most important choice we make is accepting Christ as our Lord and Savior.  When we make this choice we will make other good choices along the way as we look to him for guidance in the choices we make every day.  We will still make some wrong ones because we are not perfect but we will see our mistakes and do something about them.  If you were not with us on Sunday you can hear both of these lessons on our podcast.

As I was reading this week in Luke I read about the story of The Good Samaritan.  This is one of Jesus most well known stories.  It illustrates what Larry was talking about last week in making good choices.  I want to look closely at all the parties involved in this story and talk about what kind of good neighbors are we? Are we like the Thieves that beat and robbed the man or are we more like the Priest and Levitt that just passed by the wounded man are perhaps we are like the good Samaritan who had compassion for the injured man.  It depends on the choices we make that determine what kind of neighbor we are.  The scripture verses this week will be in Luke the 10Th chapter vs 25-37.  I hope you will join us on Sunday as we begin the month of November.

Please remember the ones mention in our prayer request last week.  As we come into this season of Thanksgiving I hope you remember to thank God for all your blessing. As we talked about 2 weeks ago everything we have is because God provided it to us and everything we have comes from him.  As we heard last Sunday make good choices this week  and help someone who needs your help. We can’t wait to see you on Sunday. Be blessed!!

We love you so much,
Pastor David & Pris

Message for October 29: Making Good Decisions

Blessings to you, loved ones.  Here’s your weekly update.

As always, it was good to be together last Sunday to worship the Lord and learn from His word.  I long for the day when all of us are back where we belong.  It was good to have Anita back with us and also Didi.  John was almost back to his old self too.  Keep praying for those we didn’t get to see.  Priscilla led us in a time of teaching and sharing.  It is delightful to me that we have the freedom to do that.  Pastor David shared with us the importance of giving back to God.  There is none of us that does not have something that He can use for His glory, and you will be blessed.

This Sunday, I’m going to share with you about making good decisions.  We make hundreds of decisions every day.  Most of them are of little consequence, but sometimes we may have no idea what will come of a seemingly insignificant choice.  Then there are those times when the choice is hard.  The right way is not obvious.  Are there principles we can apply that will help us choose well?  There certainly are, and we’re going to talk about some of them.  I’m going to read from a few different places, but if one passage has to summarize the message, it would be Proverbs 16:1-3.

I’ll give you one good decision right now.  Choose to come and join us on Sunday!  I’m planning on seeing you there.  😀


Sunday October 22, 2017 "Why we need to be giving back to God"

Last Sunday was a hectic day as the lift on our Bus did not work but once we got to church we were ministered to by Linda & Larry. They brought us a inspiring message on how we are to keep working and pushing forward in our service to the Lord.  I hope you that were there, enjoyed the messages as much as I did, if you were not there you can listen to both on the podcast.

This week I want to speak to you about why we should be giving back to God.  We know that the government requires us to pay our taxes and has made rules to enforce this payment, but that is not the case when it comes to God.  God does not demand our support he gives us guidelines as to what we need to do and reasons why we should but he does not force us to give back to him.  God always wants our support to be voluntary and with a glad heart. The scripture verses this week are in Matthew the 22ND Chapter vs 15-22. In these verses the Pharisees are trying to discredit Jesus either with the Roman government or his followers.  They ask him does he believe that taxes should be paid to Caesar?  It looked like they had trapped Jesus, but Jesus saw what they were doing and said to them to give to Caesar what is Caesar and to what is God’s to God.  What is due to God? There are many reasons we need to be giving back to God.  I want to talk about these reasons and actually what is it we should be giving.  Please join us this Sunday as we share with one another why and what we need to be giving to God.

We hope you are having a great week and hope you are praying for those we mentioned in our prayer request last week.  We did speak to Anita this week and she is feeling much better, likewise Lisa says Jane has improved as well.  Keep praying for those that God brings to your mind each day and always pray for BBT.  Do good things this week and we hope to see you on Sunday!

We Love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris


Message for October 15: Working God’s Way

Blessings to you, family and friends of BBT.  Here’s your update for this week.

It is always a joy to meet together with the People of God, worshiping Him and learning together.  Though we were missing some of our beloved family, we rejoice that others were able to come back again this week.  Priscilla taught us not to fear but to keep our trust in the Lord.  Pastor david spoke about how we  should respond to the evil in the world around us like the shooting that happend the week before.

Next week, I want to talk about working God’s way.  I know a lot of us aren’t working.  Some of us aren’t fully able.  Others have put in their time and now get to enjoy the benefit of their labor. 

So why would I go there?  Well, because God did, and He wouldn’t let me go anywhere else.  I hope you’ll come and join us, because I think you might be surprised and encouraged by the message.  The best way to summarize it would be from Colossians 3:17.

I’m delighted to know we’re taking our committment to each other to heart.  Linda has been blessed by the calls and messages from all of you.  I know the same is true for others. Let’s keep it up and invite more to come and join the family.  See you there!


Sunday October 8, 2017 " Why do we even try? "

What a great time we had at the State Fair yesterday.  There were several people that did not get to go this year but the ones that did had a great time.  The weather was a little hot but it did not rain and it did not seem as crowded as years in the past.  I want to thank all the people from T. L. Thompson who came and help.

Last Sunday Linda brought the Sunday School lesson entitled keep on whacking. She had a video of a man who had learned he had cancer and was determined to make the most of his life.  She explained that we can’t give up till Jesus calls us home.  We want to be sure we have done everything we could have done for the Kingdom of God when that time comes.  I brought a message on how important it is to keep our promises not  just to each other but the promises we make to God.  I talked about leaving a legacy for the people we leave behind.  We want them to say we tried to always do what was right.

This week I want to talk about the terrible occurrence that happened in Las Vegas last Sunday night.  It is hard for to understand why these things keep happening.  Once again we ask God why you allow this kind of thing to happen, so many killed so many injured? It just doesn’t make sense.  The scripture verse this week is John 16:33. I want to talk about what we can do when we are faced with these terrible acts of violence and bad news.  It is almost like we just throw up hands and give up. Like Linda taught last Sunday that is not the answer.  We keep working trying to make a difference. We may not have all the answers and may not understand why these things happen but we trust God because he is in charge and he can change things if we as his people cry out to him and are willing to walk by faith not by sight.  I hope you will join us on Sunday as we talk about what we can do when we face things we just don’t understand.

As I said last week we have promised to pray for those mentioned in our prayer request. Please keep that promise and try and reach out to someone that may need your help.  You could make a difference in someone’s life simply by listing to them and praying for them.  Invite someone to come with you on Sunday we will be looking for you!

We love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris


Sunday October 1, 2017 "do you keep your promises?"

This has been a tough week but I am better now. Last week. Priscilla led us in Sunday school how God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow but we should not  be the same. We have to not look back but live in the present and plan to be even better tomorrow.   I gave a message on is God fair to all of us and the answer is we need Grace & Mercy because if he was fair we would not ever get to heaven.
This week I want to talk to you about how important it is we keep the promise we make.  Our word should be our bond and the promises we make should be kept.  The only way people will trust us is if we are honest, truthful and keep our commitments.  The scripture verse this week is Matthew 21:28-32. The story of two sons who were asked to go work in the field one said no but ended up going the other said sure but did not go.  This lesson will hit close to home for most of us because we make promises to God and people and then don’t keep them.  I hope you will be with us on Sunday as we see what we need to do to be better.

Remember to pray for those mentioned in our prayer request last week and especially for Dee Dee as she finds a new place to live.  Honor your commitments this week and keep whatever promise you have made to God.  If you have not promised anything you need to. Do something good for somebody and we will see you on Sunday.

We love you so much,
Pastor David & Pris


Sunday September 24, 2011 "Is God Fair?"

What a great Sunday we had last week.  We were sorry that Linda could not make it, but she did send a video in from the widow of Todd Beamer, one of the men killed in the plane crash that was headed for the White house on 9-11-2001.  Her testimony was very inspirational, with all she has gone through she knew she could still trust God.  Larry brought a message on Job.  The message was the same. No matter what you are going through God is on our side and we don’t know what God knows so we should not act like we do.  It was a great message.

This week I want to talk to you about something I heard last week. This person was talking about how God does not treat some people fairly.  This was in regards to a person who had been struggling all their life with trying to be a good person, doing the right thing and here this person who has never cared about anybody gets very ill and cries out to God and is saved before they pass away. Now this person is accepted into Heaven just like someone who has been good for many years. That doesn’t seem fair.  Thank God, God is not about being fair but being merciful.  The scripture verses this week illustrate how we as humans seem to feel cheated by God sometimes. The Scripture vs this week are in Matthew 20 1-16.  Read these scripture verses this week and see if you don’t feel even a little like the workers who began at the beginning of the day and worked all day were treated unfairly.  Remember God loves us so much he will receive us just as we are any time we will call on him even if we are at death’s door (example: the thief on the cross).  I want us to look at why we should not care when someone accepts Christ just as long as they do.  Surely we don’t want to see anyone spend eternity in Hell.  I hope you will join us this week as we try to see other people through the eyes of God

Remember to pray for those mention in our prayer request last week.  Invite someone to come with you on Sunday as we say goodbye to September and welcome in October and hopefully fall weather. Do good things for the people you meet and remember when somebody does something good for you, pass it on to someone else.  We will see you Sunday!!

We love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris