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Message for January 21: How to Be Perfect

Blessings to you, friends and family.  Here’s your weekly update.

I can’t think of a better thing to have done on my birthday than to worship the Lord with all of you.  We did have several out sick, so keep them in your prayers.  Priscilla taught us how we should respond to the changes that life brings.  We should be ready to change ourselves as God teaches us.  Pastor David spoke of how we need to learn to listen to God and to each other.

Do you ever find some things in the Bible a little scary?  I do.  I think I can still remember the first time I read out of my braille King James New Testament, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” (Matt. 5:48)  Jesus says a lot of things we find hard to do in that passage we call the sermon on the mount, but surely this is impossible!  If that’s the expectation, I need firemen’s gear ’cause I’m going where it’s hot!

Why would Jesus give us an impossible task?  How could anyone except Jesus Himself be perfect as the Father in Heaven is perfect?  When we come together, I’m going to give you some principles that will help as we reach for that perfection, but there’s only one way to get there.  Jesus Himself is that way.

I hope you’ll come.  It’ll be a perfect day if I get to see you there!


Sunday January 14th, 2018 "Are you listing?"

What a great day it was last week at BBT.  After 2 weeks off for the holidays it was so good to be back together in God’s House.  Pris taught a lesson about how much God loves us and how we are to love him and each other.  She explained we cannot make excuses for our bad behavior and we all will be accountable to God for our actions.  I brought a sermon on how God loves change especially changed lives. And when we change God gives us a new name, a name that he bestows on us that shows how he feels about us.  I hope you will encourage each other by thinking of other people not as what they have been but what they can become.  It is a lesson I need to learn also because it is so easy to give up on someone because if what they did in the pass and can’t believe they can change.  God can change anyone if they will accept him.

This week the message will be out of 1 Samuel 3 1-10.  This is the story of Samuel and how God called him in his sleep.  The first 3 times Samuel did not realize it was God calling him till Eli told him to say to the voice “Speak, for your servant is listing”.  That is what I want to talk about this week, so many times we hear but are we listing?  I cannot tell you how important it is to be a good listener.  We need to be good listeners to others and especially to God.  Many times when we pray we say the same thing over and over just out of habit and have a tendency to tell God what He needs to do for us and when He needs to do it.  We rarely ask God what He thinks we need and we rarely listen for God’s answer when we do.  We have made up our minds what needs to happen then we are surprised that things don’t work out.  When we learn to hear God?  God speaks to us in many ways but to hear God you have to be open to how he speaks to us.  Maybe it will be through a scripture you read or a song you hear, maybe it will be in a dream or maybe he will just brought something to mind.  However God speaks to you we need to listen because God has a plan for you and things for you to do that you could not imagine you could do.  Trust God and listen to Him and learn to really listen to others.  We will be having the Lord supper this week so make plans to join us.

Please continue to pray for those mention in our prayer request last week epically say a prayer for Linda.  She wants to be with us every week but her illness keeps her from it.  Ask God for a special healing for Linda and all those who are suffering right now.  I know Larry & Linda are asking for a miracle and we should be also.  Keep doing good things for people and start really listing to people and to God.  Hope to see you on Sunday, invite someone with you !

We love you so much,
Pastor David & Pris


Sunday January 7, 2018 " How about something new for a change?"

Well it looks like winter is here, thank God it has just been cold weather so far and no snow or Ice.  I am excited to start back to church after having been out for the last 2 weeks.  I hope 2018 will be a great year for being in the business of doing God’s work.  We all have high expectations for a new year and that is what I want to talk to about this week.

The message for this week is “How about something new for a change?”  The lesson this week will come from several scriptures but mostly from Ephesians 1:3-5.  I want us to talk about why we seem to never really change even after we make a new resolutions.  We all need to change somethings in our life but it seems it is hard for us to make changes.  We like to be comfortable in the way we do things.  God is not like that, although as the Bible says God never changes because he is perfect, he loves to see changes in us.  God loves to do new things in our lives, things that change us for the better!  This week I want to talk about how God can change us and these changes are life changing.  Please invite someone to join us on Sunday and let’s start off the New Year a changed person.

I hope you had a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.  It seems like it has been so long since we were together.  I hope you are feeling well and staying warm.  Please continue to be praying for Clark as we hope he will be able to come home from the rehab center this week.  Ruth is feeling much better and is getting stronger.  Priscilla is recovering from her leg injury and hopes to be able to be in Church on Sunday.  I hope you are also making plans to join us on Sunday.  If the roads have snow or Ice we will not have service but the cold weather will not stop us, be praying we will have service this week.  Keep doing good things for people and hope to see you on Sunday!!!

We love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

From the staff at BBT we want to wish all of you a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Our prayer for you is that 2018 will be a great year and your cup will be running over with God’s blessings.  We will meet again starting on January 7Th 2018.  I hope you will make plans to start out the New Year by being more like Christ this year.  We will miss you over the next 2 weeks but I hope you enjoy the holidays with your friends and family and when we meet again I hope you will appreciate how much we care about each other.  See you in two weeks and always remember to do something good for someone every day!

We love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris


Sunday December 17, 2017 "The Christmas Party!"

What a blessing it was last week to be at BBT, but I feel that way every week.  Pris talked about Angels and how they can affect our lives.  Many of the blessing we need to be thankful for are the things we don’t have to experience because God intervenes and saves us from things we don’t even see.  Many times he uses Angels to protect us.  We need to learn to appreciate the Angels around us.  I gave a message on how you and I are on God’s Christmas list and what that means to us.  It is always a pleasure when I get to talk about the Love of God.

This week is a very special week as we celebrate Christmas at BBT.  We will have our annual Christmas party sponsored by Heights Church.  What a great group of people who come every year and provide a meal and presents for us at BBT.  I will read the story of Christmas as we do each year and we will sing several Christmas carols and Pastor Larry will sing “Mary did you Know”.  I hope you will be with us this Sunday as we celebrate the birth of Christ and fellowship together.

Please be praying for Ruth this week, she went back to the hospital on Monday but she was released on Tuesday after the doctors ran several test.  She ha assured me she will be at Church on Sunday.  Please pray for those mentioned in our prayer request last week and call us if you need us to pray for you.  I know the holidays can be very lonely for many of you but we want to encourage you and show you how much Christ loves you and cares about you.  He has promised you we are not alone because he is always there but if you need someone to look you in the eye and comfort you we will be glad to do it.  Keep doing good things for others and you will see you will take your eyes off your troubles and you will be blessed.  See you at the Christmas party!!!

We love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris


Sunday December 10, 2017 "Who is on God's Christmas list"

It was really good to have been in church last week.  We had a good group, and had a great time together.  It was good to see Linda back and the Terrell family as well Pris brought her lesson on having respect for each other I gave a message on What is it we can believe in no matter what. I hope everyone got as much out of receiving this message as I did presenting it.

This week I want to talk to you about making a Christmas list for the people you need to buy for on Christmas.  I think we all do this so we don’t leave anyone off.  I want to tell you about the Christmas list God has.  I am going to use a lot of different scriptures this week but the main scripture is the one we all memorized when we were young John 3:16.  In this verse God tells us who is on his list and why.  I hope you will join us Sunday as we worship together

Brenda says that they are going to move Clark to a nursing home for rehab but not sure when.  Keep him in your prayers along with Don & Brenda as they take care of him.  Here is some good news, Dee Dee has found a new place and she will be moving in this week.  This is an answer to her prayers.   Sometimes we just have to be patient and trust God and she has, now she receives her blessing.  Stay warm and remember you are on God’s Christmas list.  We will see you on Sunday!!!

We love you so much
Pastor David & Pris


Sunday December 3, 2017 " What can we believe in?"

It was good to be back last week after being gone for the last two weeks.  We had a good group and we are looking forward to several things coming up in December.  Priscilla taught the Sunday School lesson that we should not underestimate what God can do and we should be doing the will of the father as he has a plan for us.  I spoke about how Jesus showed us people are more important than rules and how it is OK to sometime rest when we are weary.  Everyone gets tired but we should always remember who we are even in resting period.

This week I want to share with you how we sometime lose our hope and we question ourselves what is it we can really count on?  The scripture verse this week is in Mark 13: 24-37.  I know that we all at some point in our lives have lost our visions, our dreams maybe even our faith.  We can’t seem to see good in anything and we feel like God is not even hearing our prayers much less answering them.  We don’t know where to turn and what to believe.  I have been there and the question I have asked is what can I really believe in? What can I really count on in life?  It is time we understand that there are somethings that are always true regardless of our circumstances.  Please join us Sunday as we look at the word of God and hopefully we can be inspired by the promises God has given us. With Christmas right around the corner I don’t want you to feel like you have no hope. You can have hope even when things seem dismal.  Don’t trust me, trust God and he will give you the hope & peace you are so needing.  Maybe you have a friend or relative that needs some hope.  Invite them to come with you on Sunday as we look at what God has for us.

Remember to pray for those mentioned in our prayer request last week.  I want to give a special thanks to Harvest Oaks Church for coming 2 weeks ago and having our service and serving a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, they are truly an inspiring group of people who love the Lord.  Do something good for somebody this week and we will see you on Sunday!

We love you so much;
Pastor David & Pris


Sunday 11/26/2017 "I need some rest!"

Greetings to all followers of BBT.  We missed you the last two weeks but we really enjoyed our vacation.  I hope you are well and looking forward to the coming holidays.  I heard so many good things about the service last week.  We have no way to thank Harvest Oaks Church for all they do for us and I heard they really outdid themselves last Sunday.  What a great spirit these people have to come and provide a Thanksgiving meal for the members of BBT.  I wish there was something we could do for them sometime, but know you are in our prayers every day.  A Special thanks to Pastor Mark and his wife Marie for doing the service last week I can’t wait to listen to it on the podcast.  Thanks Jay for sharing your wonderful group with us this year, and we hope to hear you in the near future.

After being on vacation for a week I got to thinking about how much we missed everyone but also how much we needed to get away for a short period.  I think it is important to know that things do not stop if you are not there.  It is so nice to know there are people to help keep things going.  I want to talk this week about how Jesus feels about us taking time to rest.  I am going to use the scriptures in the Gospel of John the 5Th chapter and vs 1 -15.  This is the story of a man Jesus healed and how the Pharisees reacted to him doing this on the Sabbath.  We are going to look at how the religious men in Jesus time made the Sabbath a day of stress and persecution not a day of rest.  In the New Testament the Sabbath is referred to as the Lord ’s Day and that is what it should be.  It should be a day set aside to worship our savior.  We are always so busy with the things going on around us, we need to take some time to spend with Jesus and helping others.  The Pharisees cared more about the rules then they cared about people and that is always a mistake.  We all need to remember what is important and understand because God never takes vacation you and I can.  We can be assured that God can run the world perfectly well without us, allowing us to take a breather from our responsibilities for a short time. Many have the absurd notion that if they do not do something, it will never get done. I have a hunch that once in a while each of us needs to resign as Chairman of the Universe, and allow God to carry on his work while we rest. Most of time we have to beg people to get more involved but sometime we also need to remember we can take a break and know that God is in control.  I hope you will join us this Lord’s Day as we get ready for Thanksgiving.

I hope you have a great week.  Pray for those that need our help and follow the examples of Harvest Oak Church last Sunday and go out of your way to help somebody.  We can’t wait to see you on Sunday!!!

We love you so much,
Pastor David & Pris


Thanksgiving Celebration, November 19

Blessings to you, church family and friends. We’ve got a great Sunday in store for us. Harvest Oaks Church is returning this year to bring food for the body and the spirit. Associate Pastor Mark Cimino will bring the message and his wife Marie will have Sunday school. After the service we’ll gather in the fellowship hall for a meal. Don’t miss out!

Message for November 12: Do You Know Who You Are?

Blessings to you, friends and family.  Here’s what’s new.

it was good to see Debra back again and to have the pastor’s friends John and Nancy pay us another visit.  Priscilla led into her Sunday school lesson with one of her stories and taught us how to have patience when things are hard.  The pastor challenged us to be good neighbors with the story of the good Samaritan.  We were still missing a lot of people though.  Pray for John.  We don’t really know what the issue is, but I understand he had some kind of surgery.

I’ve been thinking lately about how best to encourage everyone as we all struggle with different challenges.  Sometimes we fight well.  At other times maybe we don’t.  Sometimes we just don’t know what to do.  I wonder if part of our problem is that we have an identity crisis.  We don’t really know who we are.  I’m speaking to us as individuals.  Sometimes we let others label us.  Sometimes we label ourselves.  We adopt things about us, true or not, as the whole of our identity.  But when we become God’s children, we take on a new identity.  We become a new creation!  Our concept of who we are dramatically affects our lives.  It informs the choices we make and the things we are willing to accept.  If we could really understand the new identity given to us as God’s children, joint heirs to the inheritance provided by the creator of the universe through what Jesus did for us, I think it would change a lot of things for us.  We’re going to start from 2 Corinthians 5:15-18 and start living as the saints we are, not the sinners we used to be.

See you there!