Praise and Prayer Requests

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Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of January 14

Rejoice with us and pray with us.

Ruth praises the Lord to be here. Ana started a new job. Richard is thankful he was able to make home repairs himself. Pam got her shoes. She also had her purse returned after leaving it on the bus. Cathy is thankful everyone at her home is well. Leeanne’s mother is doing much better after being ill. Didi is thankful for the Lord’s blessing. Brenda is thankful for God’s blessing and for getting to see her grandchildren. Cathy is also thankful for a quick resolution to a hot water issue.

Kimi went home sick today. Lisa is also out sick. Kelly has disappeared. Clarke is back in the hospital with more infection. Pam asks prayer for Chris’s mother-in-law who needs tripple bypass surgery. Pray also for Rusty, someone else connected with that family, who needs surgery. Anita’s aunt Margaret is not doing well. Lupe asks prayer for friends Maria and Jose. Jose is very sick and not eating on his own. Didi has not been feeling well. Pam asks prayer for continued health problems. Keep praying for Ruth. Pastor David asks prayer for the granddaughter of some friends who is being tested for psychological problems. Her name is Brigette Brenda asks prayer for Judy, suffering with a kidney stone. Keep praying for Linda.

Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of January 7

Happy New Year! We’re so glad to be back in church for the first Sunday of 2018! Rejoice with us and pray with us.

Kim rejoices to be here and we all thank the Lord that Priscilla is doing better and is standing up officiating today. Anita is walking without her walker. Mary rejoices that school is back in session and that a small fire at their home did not get out of control because they were home. Ruth is thankful for all of Cathy’s help and support. She is doing much better now. Lupe thanks the Lord that her daughter is making better decisions. She is thankful that her family seems closer. John is thankful for Kelvin’s friendship. Brenda enjoyed Christmas time with family. Clarke is improving.

Keep praying for him. He needs a more permanent living arrangement where he will have all the care he may need. Brenda had one that I missed and asks prayer for Steve, soneone she knows who has a medical need. Anita asks prayer for relationship with family members. Didi is having some trouble with neighbors. Cathy prays for a number of people who lost family members this week. Priscilla has a similar request for the Deleon family. Mary asks prayer for Tim as he seeks his CDL. She asks continued prayer for her children. Rachel asked that God help her to tell the truth. John needs better footware. Edith is suffering arthritis flareups that make it hard to walk. Lupe asks continued prayer for her family. Keep praying for Linda.

Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of December 17

Merry Christmas! Rejoice with us and pray with us.

Lupe is feeling much better. Cindy and her family are feeling better. Travis got an unexpected gift last week. John got a new chair that is better for his legs. Tim rejoices to be here and feeling better after being really sick. Didi is thankful to be feeling better, here, and having a place to live. Ruth thanks the Lord that she is able to be here after passing out last week. Edith is sleeping without help.

Keep praying for Priscilla. Pray for Linda as she starts new treatment this week. I’m still praying for healing for her. Pam asks prayer for Chris’s brother-in-law Rusty concerning circulatory problems. She also asks prayer for her medical needs. Didi asks that we keep praying for her eyes. Lupe asks prayer for her family. Brenda asks prayer for her son’s mother’in-law who went into the hospital last night. She asks prayer for an acquaintance who has cancer. His name is Gordon. Cindy asks prayer for her family.

Give Jesus something He would like for His birthday. Be a blessing this Christmas season.


Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of December 10

Rejoice with us and pray with us.

The terrells enjoyed family time together. Didi has moved into a new place. Ruth praises the Lord that she is able to be here and slowly getting better. Michael also rejoices to be here and is trusting in the Lord. Debra is back with us! Kimi is thankful for opportunities to minister. Eli is thankful for God’s creation.

Cindy is home with hurting legs. Pray for Rachel as she has testing coming up. Edith asks us to pray for someone whose car was burning when she left her house. Kimi asks prayer for her legs. Keep praying for Clarke’s recovery. Keep praying for Don’s recovery. He has a kidney related appointment this week. Lupe is sick again and not able to walk.

Let God use you to be an answer to prayer this week.


Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of December 3

Rejoice with us and pray with us.

Edith praises the Lord that someone returned her checkbook after she lost it and everything was there. Tim and Cindy enjoyed last weekend together and time with family. Pam got fitted for her custom shoes. Didi is especially thankful for the help she has recieved as she looks for a new home. Kim is thankful to be doing well with her physical therapy. Lupe enjoyed getting nice cards from people who recieved the blankets she made. Brenda is thankful that her cooworker John is doing better. Richard and Barbara are living on their new land. David is excited for a coworker and her husband who feels called to preach. Ruth is just happy to be here and we are always glad to have her.

Ana is looking for work. Anita prays for Bianca and her young children. Kimi prays for her friend’s grandmother who was badly injured by a car. Her name is Margaret. Didi asks prayer for her cousins. Cindy asks prayer for friends of hers the Fletchers who have lost a family member. Lupe is going to the doctor to get test results tomorrow. Barbara asks prayer for her relationship with her mother to improve. Other family is involved. She prays for wisdom to make things right. Pam asks prayer for Rusty, relative of Chris, who needs surgery for a vascular issue. Cindy asks prayer for the grandchildren to do well in school. Debra is still fighting vertigo. Clark is in the hospital with an infection. Pam is having trouble swollowing. Lisa is home sick. Don is having some pain likely resulting from shingles. John was not ready again today. We don’t know why.

Be blessed to be a blessing this week.


Pray for Clarke

This from Brenda earlier today:

“Clark couldn’t get out of the chair in his bedroom, he had been talking to Shelly so she called 911 and told them where he was and to come check on him. At 1st they were going to take him to medical city Plano, but ran more tests in the ambulance and they told me they were going to take him to Garland Baylor.”

Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of November 26

Rejoice with us and pray with us.

Pam is thankful for church family and for Jesus. Lupe thanks everyone for their prayers and is thankful to be back. We rejoice with her! She is feeling much better. Jane got straight A’s in school. I enjoyed getting to see family on Thanksgiving. Kim is thankful for a safe trip and for family on Thanksgiving. I missed one from Ana. Didi is thankful for everyone who has helped her. Anita praises the Lord that she is walking again. Her aunt went in for surgery and was told there was nothing for them to do.

Anita is still having trouble with her breathing. Benny is going to have eye surgery this week. Didi asks prayer for her eyes. Lupe asks prayer for a friend who needs a pacemaker but has had complications getting one. Lupe asks prayer for her children. Ruth asks prayer for strength. Ana asks prayers for Jack as he may be about to discover the identity of his original family. Our visitor Elaine has hurt her hand. Pray for John. He didn’t come because he wasn’t well today.

We have been so blessed this week. Let’s be a blessing in return!


Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of November 19

Rejoice with us and pray with us.

We are so blessed to have the people from Harvest Oaks here today! Pam praises the Lord that she was able to walk some distance without her walker. Vicki enjoyed time with friends and praises the Lord that her knee is healing. Ana rejoices that she was able to witness someone accept Jesus last Sunday evening! Don is thankful for extra work. Anita is thankful that her aunt is doing much better.

Don thinks he’s getting shingles. Richard asks prayer for his sister Anita who is sick and the doctors don’t know why. Cathy asks prayer for Chandler who is battling cancer. Vicki asks prayer for a friend gong through a messy divorse. Cindy is concerned that Travis may not be well. Pray for Rachel. Barbara lost her purse. Pam still needs her shoes and there seem to be more delays. Richard B is reported to be in the hospital. We have no details.

Be a blessing this week as we have been blessed!