Message for July 20 – Groundbreaking News

What a great day we had last Sunday!  Good things always happen when Priscilla goes off script and opens up the Sunday school time for the Holy Spirit to move.  We missed those of you who weren’t there.  It’s even better with all the family together and especially with new people to welcome, so come on back and bring a friend!

Pastor David spoke from the parable of the sower in Matthew 13, prompting us to examine the soil of our own hearts to see whether it is ready to receive God’s word.  I’m going to build on his foundation this Sunday.  Or to retain the farming metaphor, water what he planted.  🙂

If you heard last week’s message and came to the conclusion that your ground is not good, you might be wondering if it is possible to change.  Depending on the motivation and the subject matter, the world tends to give us one of two messages.  Either we’re born that way and we cannot change, or all the changing is up to us.  Neither message is the whole truth.  Consider Jeremiah 4:3 in light of the pastor’s message, and come join us on Sunday as we explore how God changes hearts.

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