Message for May 15: The King’s Heart

Blessings to you, family and friends of BBT.  It seems every one of us is facing some kind of difficulty right now, but I hope that in the midst of it you are encouraged that we have a faithful Lord who will carry us through.

We had a smaller crowd last Sunday but we had a great Mothers Day celebration.  Linda interviewed Ruth and Cathy to highlight a Godly mother-daughter relationship.  It was a precious time.  Pastor david spoke of how moms exemplify the kind of love we are supposed to have for each other.

Next Sunday I want to share with you something that helped me to process what is happening right now in our nation.  You can hardly turn on the news right now without hearing about the upcoming elections.  The primaries are winding up, and regardless of which party you prefer, odds are you are very happy or vary unhappy if you care at all.

Whatever your feeling, I have a message for you.  Your savior doesn’t wear a party label.  Your Savior is the one true king.  You can’t find Him in front of a camera.  You can’t find His office.  But he rules the world and He will put it right.  Nothing surprises him.  Nothing is beyond His control.  Whatever you think about our current or future leadership, just remember this.

The king’s heart is like channels of water in the hand of the LORD;
He turns it wherever He wishes. (Proverbs 21:1 NASB)

I look forward to seeing you next Sunday.  Do remember to pray for each other.  Debra is going to have her oblation at 4:00 this Thursday.  She would like for us to be praying at that time.  She would really like it if some of us could be there to pray with her before she goes in.  Please get in touch with me if you would be able to go and I will give you the location.

In His love


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