Message for September 29 - Disabling Fear

Hello loved ones.  I pray this finds you well and experiencing the Joy of the Lord.  We’ve entered a busy time here at Bartimaeus Baptist Temple.  We had our Homecoming this month and we have good stuff happening each month for the rest of the year.  It’s a great time to invite new folks to join us.

We’ve had our hard times too.  Last week we celebrated the life of Mary Taylor, one of the charter members of our church who went home to Jesus last week.  Earlier today we sent out a prayer request for Kim who was rushed to the hospital.  I don’t have much detail on that but she’s going to be alright.  Keep praying for her health.

This week Linda and I would like to offer a bit of encouragement.  She’s going to do a Sunday School lesson on courage and I’m going to speak about how we can start to overcome our fears.  Many of us are facing physical disability, but fear can disable us more completely than most anything that might happen to us.  I want to give you a little practical advice and share with you a powerful weapon against fear that you may not have thought of before.  Want a hint?  Read 1 John 4:18.  I look forward to seeing you there!


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