Sunday School by Priscilla Whitmore for March 5

Priscilla teaches us about god’s unchanging love. The conversation got a little personal, so I have preserved only the section where the general teaching is done.

Message by Tim Terrell for February 26: The Prodigal Son, A Dad’s Perspective

Tim speaks of the Father’s love illustrated in the story of the prodigal son from Luke 15:11-32.

Message by Larry Thacker Jr. for February 19: Is God in Your Business?

God is gracious and merciful.  He loves us and gives us the freedom to direct our lives as seems best to us.  But we should never forget that He is God.  We should at least be asking Him to guide … Continue reading

Sunday School by Linda Thacker for February 19: A Diamond’s Best Friend

We know how diamonds are formed in nature.  Linda explains the significance of how God forms diamonds in us. She began by showing the video which appears below. … Continue reading

Message by Pastor David Whitmore for February 12: Why Are We So Angry?

I talk this week about being angry.  Jesus has a whole lot to say about this in the Sermon on the Mont.  Our scripture verses are in Matthew 5: 21-26.  Jesus is speaking about our selfish anger not righteous indignation. … Continue reading

Sunday School for February 12 by Priscilla Whitmore

Priscilla shows us that we should strive to leave a legacy of love for God and others.  She began with the video below, which is presented separately due to recording quality. … Continue reading

Message by Pastor David Whitmore for February 5: This Little Light of Mine

Our scripture verse is in Matthew the 5Th Chapter vs 14-16.  Jesus is talking to his disciples and tells them they are the light of the world.  Are you kidding me? This motley crew of Farmers and fishermen and tax … Continue reading