Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of April 12

Didi’s long-awaited move is finally under way. She should be completely moved to her new home today.  She thanks everyone for their help and prayers.  It was good to see Lupe back with us.  She thanks everyone for praying.  Kim thanks everyone for their support and says she is getting better.  She rejoices in improving relationships.  I think I understood that Latrice got a job.  Pam is thankful to be getting the exercise and new equipment she needs.  Shelly and Clark have a new place.  They were able to be with us today.  Don and Brenda have been sick but they are getting better.  Anita praises the lord that her medication is working.

Cathy asks prayer for James, a classmate who has had multiple serious medical issues over the past year and is now in hospice.  Shelly asked that we pray for Clark with his ongoing medical issues.  Later in the service he had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance.  It appeared to Shelly that he was having another stroke.  Pray for Shelly as she deals with the stress.  Someone speaking from across the room whom I cannot identify from the recording asked for prayer regarding personal struggles.  Someone please fill in the blank.  Lisa asks that we pray for Jane.n  Pam asks prayer for her friends Kay and David.  She asks prayer for her relationship with Chris.  Brenda reminds us to keep praying for our Kay and Annette.  Pray for Cheryl and Karen from Brentwood who were unable to come today due to health concerns.  Debra asks prayer as her vertigo keeps getting worse and she fears what the doctor will want to do when she goes on Friday.

Bruce, a visitor to our web site, wrote in to request that we pray for his friend Laura.  She was “raised in a Christian home but seven years ago she got hooked on drugs. Her thinking and behavior has been greatly altered. She was a great mom but has lost interest in her children. She has lost everyone and everything including career, self-esteem and confidence. She has attempted suicide. Laura is very beautiful, inside and out, but destroying herself.”

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