Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of April 21

Linda and I are thankful that we found a vehicle that she will be able to use for some time to come at a reasonable price.  Pam is thankful that someone bought her lunch and some groceries yesterday.  The father who needed a job on Brenda’s bus route found a job.  Sharon had her surgery and is recovering well.

Ruth requests prayer for a young relative who has been badly injured in an ATV accident.  Her name is Emily and she is fourteen.  Cathy requests prayer for the family of a friend who just passed away.  Pray for the Gardener family.  We welcome a new visitor David from the home who is thankful to be here.  Pray for Kim who is having more trouble with her foot.  Pray for Iris who was bitten by a spider this week.  Jana and Breedlove are having problems with their truck.  Carla is struggling with the need for a job and her living situation.  Pray for April and her family.  Pray also for all of those affected by the attack in Boston and the explosion down in West, Texas.


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